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Commentary Workshop

No description

Natalie Udell

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of Commentary Workshop

If I told you we were going to write a commentary today, what would you ask me?
Commentary Workshop
has allowed my students to...

Engaging in Multiple Reads
First Read
- Close your eyes, make a movie of the story in your head

Second Read
- Reread the text to yourself, underline words or phrases you don't understand

Third Read
- Reread the text to yourself one final time, circle words or phrases that helped you understand what the story means
Commentary Writing & Share
You may write for
5 minutes

After time has expired, you will share your piece in small groups.

In addition, we will hear a few as a whole group.

Noticing Similarities & Establishing Our Definition of a Commentary
How does our definition compare to fourth grade's?
Commentary Workshop
Thank you!
"Unlocking" The Meaning of a Story
Can I have a volunteer scribe?
Immerse yourself in the workshop.
Enjoy being a student.
Resist the urge to apply
to your classroom, for now.
Asking questions (wondering)
Sharing thoughts, feelings or opinions
Tell the story from your perspective
Understand the story/passage a little more
the text to real life or to another story (personal connection)
Thinking about the
intention of the author
1. Recognize that there is meaning in text

2. Experiment with
text in a safe environment

their interpretations in writing

Additional Applications/Suggestions
1. Anticipate a class conversation about where meaning comes from.

2. Apply workshop
across disciplines.

, personalize and indiviualize with the workshop.

4. Utilize as a tool for students to practice

5. Expose students to quoting text as evidence.
What do we see people doing with their commentaries?
What worked well?
What did people notice about the story?
What questions were asked?
How do the different commentaries help us think about the story?
What can we say to describe or define what a commentary is and what it does?
Commentary Workshop
created an environment where fourth graders learned to
interpret text through experience
, without formal, direct instruction.
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