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Launching an app as a path

No description

Daria Koreniushkina

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Launching an app as a path

The Path to the App Launch. How to Market from the Start?
1. Private Testing
1. Testing the beta

2. Testing app store information (title, description, screenshots)

3. Validating business model
2. Public Testing
1. Launch the app on the app store
2. Launch the app website
3. Get 50-100 user reviews
4. Get reviews on small blogs
5. ASO
6. Localisation
7. Validate price strategy
3. Big Launch
1. Launching Version 1.1 in the App Store

2. Get 100-200 reviews for the new version
(Gnome Escape)

3. Get downloads:
- advertising
- getting featured on medium-sized blogs -> big blogs
4. Stay up
1. Advertising -> boosting rank

2. Putting app on sale (for paid apps)

3. Getting featured on more blogs
Get reviews
1. Small blogs at this stage

2. Middle-sized blogs <- references to the publications on small blogs

3. Big blogs <- references to the publications on middle-sized blogs

Blogger Outreach tools:
Grouphigh, Blogdash etc.
App Store Optimisation
Main discovery channel;
get as much value as possible

1. App title
2. Keywords
3. Description
4. Screenshots
5. Icon

Tools: Sensor Tower, AppCodes
Get user reviews
1. Getting feedback

2. Convincing potential users

3. Grow search rankings

Tools: Gnome Escape (starting from $100), US iOS Store, will be available for Android in November.
1. Improve search rankings in different countries

2. Convince users in their own language

3. Very cost-effective: $30 per app

Top languages:
Japanese (not for iPad apps), Chinese, German, Korean (for Android), Russian, Spanish (Brazil).

Tools: OneSky, iCanLocalise
Ready for the real launch
1. First downloads
2. Rank growth
3. Exposure on small blogs

4. App update (version 1.1):

- app improvement according to user reviews
- optimized app store information
- local versions
- new pricing if needed

Average cost of acquiring a new loyal user: $1.5 (Fiksu index)

1. Facebook Mobile App Installs Ads

2. Ad networks (iAd, Admob etc.)

3. Cross-promotion: TapForTap,

4. App discovery platforms (AppGratis, Appsfire, FreeMyApps)

!Bursting strategy
1. Download velocity -> app rank growth

2. App brand

3. First revenue
for further marketing to stay up
ASO Tricks
1. Long titles

SellanApp - make app ideas happen

2. Keywords

- App Title queries
- App Interest queries (Children's Education, Testing etc.) - XYO

Choose low-competitive queries

Popularity: ASO tools, Google Keyword Planner

3. Description (only in Google Play)
SellanApp for Developers
- iOS
- Proven track-record
- Access to great projects
- Work against risks and compensation you choose
- Show your capacity to a broad audience
Marketing Budget
Every app needs it!

Most Developers Do not Have Marketing Budget (66%) - AppPromo Survey'13

Successful Developers ($500K in earnings) - $1000+ a month on marketing

SellanApp: 33% of all crowdfunded budget

In this email:
- Tell us about your company and the apps you have created for your clients. Please include links to apps in the App Store.

- Include at least one .ipa of a recent app you’ve built.
Make App Ideas Happen
and Let Them Bring Value to
As Many People as Possible
Daria Koreniushkina
App Marketing Manager at SellanApp

Unique Approach to App Marketing:

Make App Ideas Spread by People
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