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Chapter 8: Group Conflict

No description

KyungJun Jin

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 8: Group Conflict

Conflict categories




Conflict in Groups
Behavior in conflict counts~
- Constructive conflict

-Destructive Conflict

-Constructive Conflict VS. Destructive Conflict

Constructive and Destructive Conflict
The mutual attraction that holds the members of a group together is Group Cohesion.

-Strong cohesion within a group allows group members to have great attraction,commitment, bond, and a level of pride.

A Cohesive Group has:
-great interaction
-a friendly/ supportive environment
-desire to conform to group expectations
-achieving goals with a creative/ productive approach
-satisfied members

Group Cohesion
Types of conflict styles:



Competition Conflict



Conflict Styles
Chapter 8: Group Conflict
Amy, Celina, Hudson, KJ, Miguel
The A-E-I-O-U Model.

A:Assume that other person means well.

E:Express Your feelings

I: Identify what you like to have happen.

O: Outcomes you expect are made clear.

U: Understanding on mutual basis is achieved

A-E-I-O-U Model
Conflict and Member Diversity
Divergence can make conflicts



Responses to Conflict

Think Together, Work Together
Symptoms of Group Think:

-rationalization -self-censorship
-mindguarding -stereotyping outsiders

Preventing Group Think:

-discuss the group’s progress/ negative consequences
-encourage constructive criticism
-express doubts and ask questions.

Group Think
So what kind of conflict styles fit your category here how and why?
Have you ever
any of these three conflicts within your group? If so share with us what you experienced.

Is group conflict helpful or disruptive while working in groups? Tell us what you think.

Outside Sources:



It states in the articles that conflicts are actually unavoidable. Do you believe this to be true?
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