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Nelson Mandela.

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santi santi

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela.
In 1994 multi-racial elections were carried on South Africa and Nelson Mandela won this elections. He was then, the first black president in South African history.
South African society was incredibly divided into blacks and whites. This social division was so terrible that there were special cinemas and toilets for black people. They even had different national anthems. In addition, this division was also reflected in sports: rugby was the sport chosen by white people, while football, instead, was the sport chosen by black people.
His Beginnings
Nelson Mandela was born on July of 1918 in South Africa. At his twenties he started fighting in a peaceful way against the apartheid.He directed a campaign which it main objective was to fight against the South African government (which was encouraging racist policies) WITHOUT violence.
The apartheid was a racist system which denigrated black people, racial segregation system.
Mandela's Idea.
One of the brilliants ideas that Mandela had was to reunite the country through the sport. He wanted to demonstrate that his objective was to unite the country and not to continue with it's social division. He got lucky,because the national rugby team won the world cup and through that he was able to beat racism.
In June of 1964 he was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was totally against the apartheid. However, in February of 1990 he was released from prison after 26 years of being in prison
By: Santi Montoya and Mati Grande
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