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Heavy Metal Rocker

No description

Hodge Golson

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Heavy Metal Rocker

My quest for the perfect rocking chair began in the 70's when I encountered an amazing and surprisingly comfortable metal piece of art...
...that I couldn't afford. But the idea was planted and, a few years later when I decided I had to have it anyway, it was too late. I couldn't find it. The place was no longer in business and there was no forwarding address or other info. So I decided to build one...
Although smaller than many of his pieces, I was delighted when he agreed to work from my design..
...with the happy end result: my Heavy Metal Rocker.
...it occurred to me that others may enjoy a similar experience. Hence...
...or actually, have one built to my own specs. My search for someone who could do that led me to Andrew Crawford, a sculptor who was gaining traction on a local and regional level...
...and deservedly so, as can be seen by these examples of some of his larger pieces...
...that he and his crew create in his modern blacksmith shop in Atlanta.
After many years of reflection and observation from my rocker in the back yard...
occasionally facilitated by an adult beverage...
...or maybe two...
...at sunset...
(OK this isn't really my back yard...but it's a nice sunset. And I DID take the picture.)
I have a great day job and, as you can see, I'm no spring chicken. This is just a fun side project. I'm not building a business here. I'm addressing a limited market and these things take a long time to build. No automation possible here. But it would feel good to know that at least a few others are enjoying my rocker. And that their kids and grandkids will enjoy it. This is an estate legacy. It's built like a tank.
Hodge Golson
ironisking.com (Andrew Crawford)

OK...I know that's not REALLY heavy metal music, but bear with me here.
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