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Joint Action - WP4 activity update

No description

Zoltan Aszalos

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Joint Action - WP4 activity update

Report on HWF PlanningData gaps (D043)
identification of and solutions for gaps in HWF Planning data and processes
Current workshop
Expert meeting in October
Submission to EB in Jan 2016
Main activities of Work Package 4.
Support from our partners
Report on Terminology (D041)
WHO Code Report
applicability of the WHO Code's principles in the context of mobility of health personnel within the EU
Accepted by the Executive Board and is currently disseminated
The foundation of WP4 work

- June 2013 Budapest
- January 2014 Bratislava
- March 2014 Utrecht
- July 2014 Lisbon
- December 2014 Rome
- June 2015 Budapest
- Oct 2015 Iceland
Review work

Report on mobility data in the EU (D042)
Current work on Draft
Sharing for review with Partners
Submission to the Executive Board in November 2015
Focus on the Joint Questionnaire and data collected since 2010 by OECD-Eurostat-WHO
Recommendations on how to close these gaps
Accepted by the Executive Board and is currently disseminated
focus on key building blocks of the HWF planning and forecasting systems: data and data collection processes
policy recommendations to improve data collection in the EU Member States
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