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Trout Unlimited Canada

No description

Trout Unlimited Canada

on 19 July 2017

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Transcript of Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited Canada
2016 Conservation and
Education Report

Reconnecting Canada
Reconnecting Piper Creek
(Red Deer, AB)
Reconnecting South Tony Creek
(near Fox Creek, AB)
Reconnecting Prairie Creek
(near Rocky Mountain House, AB)
Courtcliffe Park:
Reconnecting Bronte and Mountsberg Creeks
(Hamilton, ON)

Additional 2016 Projects
Water Edu-Kit Program
Yellow Fish Road
Stream Rehabilitation Training Program
Conservation Issues
Northern Lights Fly Fishers (AB)
Bow River Chapter (AB)
Ted Knott Chapter (ON)
Greg Clark Chapter (ON)
Oldman River Chapter (AB)
Niagara Chapter (ON)
- Awarded Credit Valley Conservation's "Friends of the Credit Conservation Award" for the Bringing Back the Brookies Project
- Monitoring of Brook Trout reintroduction at Emerson Creek showed 14 of 16 individuals and 3 spawning redds
- Additional reintroduction of tagged adult Brook Trout into Mill Creek
- Involved in Courtcliffe Park Reconnection Project - installed of sediment mats to help narrow the stream and capture sediment
- Developed educational presentation and brochure on safe fish handling for catch and release angling
- Completed redd survey and restoration work along Fish Creek
- Completed project to identify restoration opportunities along Bow River
- Continued Arctic Grayling monitoring program on upper Pembina River, results pointing to priority areas for conservation
- Working closely with Fisheries Management on temperature monitoring of the watershed
- Worked with TUC staff on position statement regarding upper Pembina River angling closure (5 year Recovery Rest Period)
- Chapter active in education and outreach activities
Speed Valley Chapter (ON)
- 65 people in attendance at meeting to reinvigorate the chapter
- Temperature monitoring and spawning surveys completed
National Issues
- Letter submitted to DFO regarding TUC position on modifications to Fisheries Act and Fisheries Protection Policy
- Participated in federal CNGO workshop with senior DFO staff
- Participation in 5th International Natural Channels Conference
- Participation in thesis committee for project on freshwater ecosystem restoration
-Formal brief prepared to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Committee on Climate Adaptation
-Preparing rationale, budget and work plan for TUC's National Resource Advisory Committee (NRAC)
- Recommendations provided to DFO on improving federal
Fisheries Act
and Fisheries Protection Policy (with advice from NRAC)
- Presented a brief to federal Standing Committee on Protected Areas and Parks (with support from NRAC)
- National Biologist now active member of Management Board of Canadian Rivers Institute
Provincial and Local Issues
- Alberta:
- Meeting held with Minister of Environment and Parks (Shannon Phillips) and advice provided on programs
- Developed position statement regarding OHV use and impacts on public land
- Involvement in provincial Bull Trout Advisory Committee, Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program, and Whirling Disease Committee
- Letter submitted to DFO recommending listing of Athabasca Rainbow Trout on SARA registry as Endangered
- Participated in Water Literacy and Aquatic Invasive Species projects providing recommendations to provincial government

- Ontario:
- New dam removal projects being explored
- Development of guidelines for in-stream wet rehabilitation construction
- Working with provincial government on Brook Trout Protection and Restoration Policy and Plan for Ontario
- Ongoing involvement with Grand River Fisheries Plan including plans for restoration projects on Grand and Nith Rivers
- Developed position statement on water withdrawals for bottled water in Ontario
Conservation Success Index (CSI)
- GIS analyst hired to develop CSI for Brook Trout in the Credit River Watershed
- Developed relationship with the Province of Ontario to develop Brook Trout CSI for additional watersheds
- Goal of the CSI is to identify priority areas for restoration and conservation
Discovering Didymo's Distribution
- Citizen science project to help understand how widespread is Didymo ("rock snot")
- Project team includes TU (U.S.A), University of Calgary, North Carolina State University, Dr. Max Bothwell
- Course manual updated to include Alberta perspective and references
- Delivered workshops 1-6 in PEI in Summer 2016
- Over 100 people have now taken the full course (in ON and PEI)
- Planning with University of Guelph to make SRT full credit course
- Removed a culvert crossing and worked with volunteers and partners to restore the creek and shoreline and conduct temperature monitoring and fisheries sampling
- Beavers got to work immediately after the crossing removal and the stream is beginning to heal
- Replaced a double hanging culvert with open-bottom arch (partnership with Apache Canada and DFO)
- Project restores water flow, sediment transport, and fish migration in South Tony Creek (tributary of Little Smoky River which supports Arctic Grayling)
Fish Rescue (AB)
- Completed Fish Rescues at three irrigation canals over four days, rescuing 7480 fish with the help of 108 volunteers
Bow River Basin Bank Armour Inventory
- Field survey of Bow, Elbow, Sheep, and Highwood rivers and desktop survey of Threepoint Creek
- Results show increase in amount and extent of riparian disturbances along reaches surveyed in 2006
- Summer students completed Lowville Park monitoring, temperature and benthic invertebrate monitoring
Ontario Summer Monitoring Program
Shaganappi Community Creek Rehabilitation (Calgary)
- Invasive plant removal (lilac and cotoneaster) and bioengineering streambanks using native species to stabilize banks, reduce erosion, and improve water quality

- Active with Soldier On/Healing Waters introductory fishing and restoration events
- Tree planting and rehabilitation events held on 12 Mile Creek and Metler Pond
Chateaugay Chapter (QC)
- Completed stream assessment work and development of 2-year workplan for Collins Brook and began rehabilitation work
- "Rene's Pool" dedication
Beaver River Restoration (ON)
- Tree planting events with Scouts and Girl Guides group to improve creek health at project site
- Family Fun Day held with 300 people in attendance
- Design and planning for Phase 2 to be completed in 2017
- Volunteer workday in Spring to plant willows to re-naturalize the project site
- Volunteer workdays to capture and tag fish for movement study to assess success of project completed in 2015 - results show work is functioning as designed and fish passage has improved
Mid-Grand Chapter (ON)
- Workday held on Washington Creek to remove logjams and add habitat structures
Bow Headwaters Chapter (AB)
- Event held in Canmore featuring screening of film "100" featuring chapter volunteers assisting with Westslope Cutthroat Trout reintroduction in Banff National Park
Credit River Reconnection Projects (ON)
- Completed assessment work and partnership agreements with Towns of Erin and Caledon to reconnect tributaries of the Credit River benefiting Brook Trout
- Pilot launch of new education program in Ontario with funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation
- Programming aimed at grades 7-9 and includes materials, supplies and resources for water quality testing and stewardship opportunities in local communities
- 200 kits sent to schools, groups, and environmental organizations in 50 communities reaching over 5000 Ontario youth (target reached within weeks of launch)
- 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the Yellow Fish Road program which has grown to include 48 program partners in 7 provinces
- 42,000 door hangers distributed and 12,000 stormdrains painted
- 36,000 participants in Yellow Fish Road presentations and events
- Work continues on phasing into a new "self delivery" model to grow the reach of the program into the future
- Launch of TUC's first multi-year, national conservation campaign focused on reconnecting streams fragmented by culverts
- Developed culvert assessment tools that can be used by chapters and program partners
- Goal of program is to reconnect a million miles through TUC-led work and partner initiatives
- Maintenance of two conservation leases along Crownsest River
- Working with TUC staff to identify restoration opportunities
- Site visit at Hidden Creek to assess success of previous fall's work
- Workdays held on Beaver River to remove logjams caused by blowdowns from ice and wind storms
- This is the 6th year of this work which is working to improve habitat, cool the river, and allow for better fish passage and sediment transport and ultimatley bring Brook Trout back to this portion of the Beaver River
Doug Cressman Chapter (SK)
- Working with TUC staff on developing Reconnecting Canada projects on tributaries of the Frenchman River
Reconnecting Quigley Creek
(near Hinton, AB)
- Planning and design work for replacement of a culvert with an open bottom arch to improve channel form and function and fish passage (partnership with West Fraser Mills and DFO)
Reconnecting Chipman Creek
(near Pincher Creek, AB)
- Working with MD Pincher Creek and Oldman River Chapter towards replacing a culvert and closing a ford of the creek to improve water quality, channel form
- Fisheries and temperature assessment work and community engagement
Other Reconnection Projects (ON)
- Partnered on two dam removals in the Saugeen watershed
- Took part in planning for a dam removal on the West Credit River and one on a tributary of the Rocky Saugeen
- Provided input and advice to Municipal Environmental Assessment for another dam removal on the West Credit River
- Advice provided to a land trust on a culvert removal project that reconnected 700 m of creek habitat allowing movement of Brook Trout between creek and the Grand River
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