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Thin and Thick Questions

How to Form a Research Question

Amie Schwartz

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Thin and Thick Questions

What are thick questions?
You try to identify...
What are thin questions?
"Think and search" or "Under-the-surface" questions

Are usually more difficult to answer because finding the answer involves research and thinking, but the answers give you more in-depth detail about the topic.

Sometimes, you may end up with many answers for the same question.

Great questions for research!
Thin and Thick Questions
"Right there" or "on-the-surface" questions

- When?
- Where?
- Who?
- How many?

Answers to these questions are easy to find and can usually be answered in one word or one sentence! Not great questions for research.
How to Form a Research Question
- What if?
- How did?
- Why did?
- What would happen if?
- What caused this?
Are these thin or thick questions?
1. What is the moon made of?
2. How did the moon form?
3. Why doesn't the moon have gravity?
4. How many moons are there in our solar system?
5. Why does the moon revolve around the Earth?
6. Who was the first person on the moon?
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