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Yama fil Habes Mawhobeen

No description

Alaa Adel

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Yama fil Habes Mawhobeen

Yama fil Habs Mawhobeen
- Signing a protocol between the Ministry of Interior (MOI)'s prison sector and the Ministry of Culture (MOC), to ensure a legal agreement in favor of the project

-MOC provide material and trainings

Virtual Sales
Our Role
Places for exhibits
-MOC exhibit, such as Zamalek
-Egypt Expo and Convention Authority, Nasr City
-Khan Al-Khalili
-AUC and more
Responsible for :
-providing raw materials needed to prisoners
-Publicizing and executing their products
-Organizing with several governmental bodies to publish the works/crafts
-Advertising for the exhibits and attracting public audience via social media platforms and others
- 28% of whom were imprisoned due to unfulfilled financial obligations.
- 24% were previously unemployed
- 17% housewives

In Addition
-Extremely difficult to find jobs afterward, according to Egyptian Law
Who are You?
-Families of Egyptian prisoners to be self-sufficient
-Financially independent
-Stability and wellfare of theses families
Online Purchases
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