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Corporate Wellness Program - By Love Life Wellness Center


Veronica Menin

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of Corporate Wellness Program - By Love Life Wellness Center

Love Life Wellness Center’s Corporate Program is an extension of Love Life Center's wellness services to the corporate world.

The Corporate Wellness Program's goal is to create maximum success in the workplace by
implementing healthier lifestyle habits within all of its employees.
This is made possible by providing the right tools for employees to make
healthier diet choices, manage stress, treat disease, heal addictions, understand team work, and produce higher energy levels.

We implement these goals through our holistic approach to wellness and by working closely with individuals, providing them the tools necessary to make these shifts.

We believe that the unique holistic approach of this wellness program makes it possible for employees to sustain the lifestyle shift because of the education and tools they receive. This helps employees avoid the “rubber band” syndrome: going back to their old habits.
The focus and time frame of the Corporate Wellness Program can be customized according to the company’s needs and goals.

Companies are highly suggested, but not limited to the following options:

One Day Intensive Wellness Day
6 hours total
Wellness Weekend at Love Life

(at Love Life Wellness Center)
1 ~ 3 office visit(s)

Healthy snack options
Implementing healthy habits in the daily workday
Schedule management
Group challenges and detox programs
Dealing with Stress
Team Building Exercises
Overcoming Addictions
Food education
Guide to "Eating Healthy Made Practical"
Cooking lesson with recipes
Effects of food on energy levels and health
How to control food and alcohol cravings
Mental exercises
Problem solving techniques
Step-by-step approach to overcoming a challenge
Opportunities vs. obstacles
Progression vs. perfection

Co-Worker interactions
Trust building
Communication skills with coworkers
Inter-personal relationships with co-workers
How to increase overall happiness
How to increase self-worth
Goal setting and how to achieve these goals
Understanding addiction

Step-by-step process to eliminate addictions to sugar, alcohol and poor food choices

Embracing substance problems and committing to the healing process
Please contact our health coach
Veronica Menin

(305) 772-6798.

To subscribe to the wellness program, your first consultation is complementary.
This program was created to treat the epidemic of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases affecting a vast majority of Americans today.

These health related problems affect quality of life and quality of work for employees.
As research proves,
healthier employees = happier employees.

After completing the wellness program, employees have higher energy levels, higher productivity at work, more motivation, creativity, value team work and harbor less stress. This creates an overall better work environment, resulting in less sick days, less conflicts in the workplace between employees, increases the reliability of employees and lowers healthcare expenses.
Intensive One Month Program
(3 times a week - 1~2 hours per visit)
Intensive One Week Program

(5 times per week 1~2 hours per visit)
Balanced One Month Program
(once a week - 2 hours per visit )
One Time Wellness Inspiration

(3-5 hour workshop)
3 hours Friday [evening]
5 hours Saturday [daytime]
5 hours Sunday [evening]
Join the Corporate Wellness Program today to help your employees get the most out their jobs and develop themselves as well as their careers.
Due to several beneficial aspects of yoga, it is applied to different parts of our wellness program: dealing with stress, self-care, overcoming addiction, happiness, energy and productivity levels.

The class will be catered to a beginner level class, unless requested differently by client.

The corporate busy schedule drives most of us to leave our own self care as non-priority. In order for us to live to our fullest potential, and become the best version of ourselves, we need to make self nourishment a priority.

This section of the program will teach our clients ways to implement self care into their lives without sacrificing productivity and changing their routine.

Meditation is an opportunity to create mind space, to connect with our inner self, to be able to listen to our truth and spend some time in complete stillness.

Through meditation is how we establish the connection between our physical and spiritual body. We reconnect with the inner peace and spiritual reality.

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