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World Languages Department Electives

No description

Robert Dennis

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of World Languages Department Electives

World Languages Department Electives
Learning languages opens many opportunities for you.
Lead with Languages
Why Learn French?
Accelerated French 1

This course is 2 years of French in 1. Learn all the essentials of French 1 & French 2 grammar and vocabulary while also building your listening, reading, writing, speaking, and cultural competencies.
1. Italian is considered by many the most beautiful language in the world - la lingua e' bellissima!

2. Italian derives from Latin. It is estimated that almost half of English vocabulary also has Latin roots. Knowledge of Italian helps you with English.

3. Italy is one of the world's top economies. An estimated 7,500 American companies do business with Italy.

4. Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts, international design, fashion, graphic design, space engineering, and more.

5. Italy has immense cultural importance, from antiquity to the present.

6. Ring a bell?? Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Dolce e Gabbana, Pirandello, Boccaccio

Why Learn Italian?
1. French is the 9th most widely spoken language in the world, spoken by over 200 million people.

2. French makes you marketable for the job market. France has the world's 5th largest economy and is the third most popular country for foreign investments. France is a key economic partner.

3. France is the language of culture - cooking, art, theatre, dance, architecture, fashion. Do Victor Hugo, Moliere, Jean-Paul Satre, and Dior ring a bell?

4. French is a language of travel. France is the world's #1 tourist destination. French is also spoken in parts of Africa, Switzerland, Canada, and Monaco.

5. French is a language for international relations. It is an official language of the United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, and Int'l Red Cross.

Étudie le française !
Studia l'italiano!
Italian 1

This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Italian. Learn the basics of Italian grammar and vocabulary while also strengthening your listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural competencies.
Why Learn Spanish?
1. Spanish is spoken by over 329 million native speakers worldwide.

2. Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the US, and some research suggests that in the year 2050 the United States will be the largest Spanish-speaking country.

3. Spanish is essential for many jobs, including business, finance, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, finance, and law.

4. Spanish language and Hispanic culture are present and becoming more integrated within American popular culture - music, tv, movies, sports, fashion, and cuisine!

5. Spanish is the official language in countries on three continents.
Estudia el español!
Spanish for Health Related Careers
This 1/2 credit course will teach you to provide and obtain information in emergency situations. Learn the language essential to communicate in the field of health and medicine.

Spanish 1
This class is intended for students with no prior
study of Spanish. Learn the basics of Spanish vocabulary and grammar while enhancing your listening, reading, writing, speaking, and cultural competencies.
Why learn Chinese?
1. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.

2. China boasts the fastest growing economy and many consider China to be an emerging powerhouse of the 21st century global economy.

3. Chinese is essential for business opportunities. International companies compete for employees that speak Chinese.

4. Chinese is important for government. Many foreign diplomats and heads of state are fluent in Chinese.

5. China has a rich 5,000 year old
culture. Study Chinese poetry, art,
history, philosophy, and society.

Zhōngguó yánjiū
Chinese for Business Related Careers

This course will teach you how to communicate in employer-employee business situations. Learn about Asian economies, China as an economic super-power, and the essentials of Chinese vocabulary and grammar.

Chinese 1
Learn the basics of Chinese vocabulary and grammar while enhancing your listening, reading, writing, speaking, and cultural competencies.
Why learn American Sign Language?
1. Hearing loss is more common than you may think. An estimated 28 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss.

2. The ability to sign or interpret can make you more marketable for employment purposes.

3. ASL is used in many schools and day cares. Studies indicate that teaching non-deaf children at a very young age to sign can increase their ability to effectively communicate.
Study ASL!
American Sign Language 1

This course is for students that have no prior knowledge of ASL. Learn to communicate using the power of sign. Vocabulary, real-life situations, and deaf culture are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Post-Level 3 Options: French, Italian, Spanish
French 4R
French 4H*

Italian 4

Spanish 4R
Spanish 4H*

* denotes a weighted course
French 5R (Adelphi)
French 5H* (Adelphi)
French AP*

Spanish 5R (Adelphi)
Spanish 5H* (Adelphi)
Spanish AP*
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