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WACY Report Card 2015:

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Ashley Kryscynski

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of WACY Report Card 2015:

Who is WACY?
Our Mission:
The Washtenaw Alliance for Children and Youth (WACY) is a collaboration of youth-serving agencies dedicated to improving services, quality of life and success for young people in our community.

Our Vision:
All Washtenaw County youth will be ready for college, work and life by age 21.

Our Goal:
Increase physical and emotional safety
increase high school graduation rates.
Social Emotional
Children and youth will develop the skills and knowledge to grow into thoughtful, caring, responsible and contributing leaders of our community.
Emotional Development
Academic & Career
Children and youth will be engaged, life-long learners who value and pursue mastery of core academic competencies, as well as career exploration and preparation.
Career & Academic Readiness
Health & Safety
Children and youth will experience and contribute to physically and emotionally safe homes, schools, and communities.
WACY Report Card 2015:
The Status of Youth Well-Being in Washtenaw County

Report Card 2015
Updates the community & rallies action

Data is reformatted & easier to read
Aligns with WACY's Common Agenda (pg. 1)

Separated into 3 focus areas:
Data Sources
MI School Data
Kids Count
Washtenaw County Juvenile Court
Education Project for Homeless Youth (EPHY)
Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY)
ACT Engage Survey (from WISD)
WISD Senior Exit Survey
Understanding the Report Card
Snapshot of Washtenaw

school-age children & youth enrolled in Washtenaw ISD public schools.

Economically disadvantaged children & youth.

Economic Disadvantage:
Students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch OR
students whose families' incomes are less than 185% of the Federal Poverty Level ($44,862.50 for a family of 4).
Health & Safety
Graduation Rates...
Data Notes
now separates middle school and high school data.
includes 5 of 9 districts.
Senior Exit Survey
more aligned with national survey, so questions were slightly changed.
Senior Exit Survey
did not publicly share ED data yet due to changes in technology.
piloted during 2014-2015 school year for incoming 9th grade students.
Academic Data
is not entirely updated for the current school year due to changes in testing.
Academic Data
is the only section to include disaggregated data: All students, non-ED, and ED
Out-of-school youth
are not captured in most data sets.
...And Drop Out Rates
What's Next?
Share data with community

Rally WACY's Leadership Team
& Community Champions

Collaborate and move action for impact
What 2 gaps in youth progress and development are most significant for children and youth in Washtenaw County?

What are 2 data points you think WACY could move next year?

What are 2 specific areas of action WACY should address in the coming year?
14,128 (30.2%)
AA Rec&Ed
Ozone House
Family Learning Institute
WACY's Next Steps
Present 2015 Report Card to membership agencies & indicate priority areas for action
Recruit Leadership Team members
Membership celebration
Ashley, Diane, and Holly will serve as WACY's transition team
Meet with Coordinated Funders to finalize transition process
WISD transitions to anchor institution & fiduciary
Communication announcing transition & collective impact model to community, and current and potential partners
Leadership Team will convene Community Champions to share priority areas of work and initiate action teams
Begin cross-sector action team work
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