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CSEC BCC Presentation 15 min

This training was created in collaboration with the CSEC Coalition of Clackamas County's Training Team. It is meant to accompany a 3-hour training on CSEC.

Jana Wiseman

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of CSEC BCC Presentation 15 min

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children
Why is this happening here?
Tri County:
Why does this matter?
Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual Exploitation of Children
Commercial Exploitation of Children
Sexual activity involving a child in
exchange for something of value
, or
promise thereof,
to the child or another person or persons.
Taking unfair advantage of the
imbalance of power
between an adult and a youth or child under the age of 18 for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

Any sexual activity with a child where consent is not or cannot be given [under 18 in OR]. The sexually abusive acts may include penetration, creation of pornographic images, sexual touching, or non-contact acts such as exposure or voyeurism.
-Based on Berliner & Elliott, 2002
Accessible by I-5 and I-84

Large population of youth experiencing homelessness, with youth traveling from other areas (mild climate)

Proximity to WA state line

Legal Sex industry available

Sex positive city identity

1 out of 3 teens on the street
will be approached by a pimp
within 48 hours
of leaving home.
The average age of entry into commercial sex industry is 12-14 yrs of age.
Case Example
"It is estimated that 70-90% of [CSEC
victims] have a history of child sexual abuse."
Clackamas County progress
Training for all law enforcement, DHS, and other partnering agencies
Part-time CSEC Coordinator identified
CSEC MDT Coalition established and operating
CSEC victim protocol developed
Collaboration through out the county systems

Children Identified
Average Age Identified
Affiliated with Gang
Children who have
Youngest Victim
Clackamas County CSEC Youth
35 Youth Identified
SIX in 2016
Max and Tri-me
Juvenile Department, CCSO, DHS, H3S, City Police Departments, Children's Center, County Non-Profits, DA's Office, SARC, Family Care, Willamette Falls Hospital, N Clackamas School District
Outcomes to Date
Over 2500 individuals from law enforcement, DHS, community partners, county agencies, schools and concerned citizens have been trained
Over 30 agencies have committed to being trained so they can identify/provide services to CSEC victims
To date 36 children have received case management services through the Juvenile Department/SARC
A partnership was formed between four Clackamas County agencies; Sheriff's Department, Department of Human Services, Health, Housing & Human Services and the Juvenile Department to work on the following:
In 2011 ~
Develop increased community awareness
Train and educate community partners
Increase supportive networks for CSEC victims and their families
Create sustainable continuum of care for CSEC victims
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