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The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies (SH

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Daniel Jaquet

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies (SH

The Society for Historical European Martial Arts Studies (SHEMAS) is an academic learned society, networking various patrimonial and academic institutions, affiliated and independent researchers worldwide. It aims to promote HEMA studies, by means of
Researchers' portfolio
Projects' portfolio
Organisation of

1. dedicated conferences
2. panels in congresses
Application for funding
to support research project
SHEMAS will be constituted as a non-profit association based in Switzerland. Its organs are the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, the Scientific Committee, and the Advisory Committee.

Members of SHEMAS are individuals with a track record of scientific publication, independent publication or research endeavours related to HEMA studies

 Constitution of the society with a conference and roundtable (University of Burgundy, Dijon, May 5, 2017).
 Release of the website with first portfolios
 Project HEMA bibliography (extensive bibliography of secondary literature from 1850 onwards)
 Organisation of an international conference about Pietro Monte and his work (CESR, University of Tours, February 2018), including both an academic symposium and a HEMA event.
 Organisation of dedicated panels in relevant congresses (IMC, Leeds and Kalamazoo)
 Planning of the next international conference 2019 (framework academic + event on an author and his work)
 Planning of the submission of an ERC (European Research Council) proposal in 2018

> Promoting HEMAS studies
> Fostering the field of research
> Bridging the gap between scholars and practitioners

Academia / Communities of practitioners / General Public
Follow us and visit our website
Next step, constitutive assembly May 5, 2017
Short Presentation of SHEMAS
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