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Patron Driven Acquisition

No description

Dev Albarelli

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Patron Driven Acquisition

Available to all
PDA was opened up to the entire University community, (students, faculty and staff) to get as much diversity as possible within the requests.

Faculty and staff put through a lot of ILL requests.
Facts and Figures
46 titles purchased for Spring 2014 semester
38 of those were picked up by the initial selector for an 83% checkout rate
Of the 8 books that weren't picked up, 6 were from two students who switched research projects after their books were ordered.
More facts, More figures
Seems like a good idea
Summer 2013 project was to decide the best way to move forward for Point Park University PDA program.

eBook PDA was very interesting however we kept coming back to the idea of using ILL requests to begin implementing PDA for print materials

We decided to go with Print Material PDA using ILL requests as our guide.

More Plan!
(nuts and bolts)
Criteria: pretty flexible, however we wanted newer materials (last 5 years), scholarly (mostly), would have continuing value to the collection and continue to circulate. Cost is always a consideration as well.

Criteria is just a framework, for the pilot program we decided to be very liberal with selections to get the process in place.

Is this a good idea??
Literature Review
There has been a lot written about Patron Driven Acquisition lately.

A lot of literature is focused on eBook models of PDA as playing a big part of the future of collection development.

After reading numerous articles, PDA didn’t appear to have any real downside so we decided to go further.

Patron Driven Acquisition
The Plan
There were a series of articles from Purdue University that laid out the path we followed.

Purchasing ILL requests based on certain criteria instead of going through traditional ILL procedures led to increased circulation, relevant Collection Development decisions and a better student experience at the Library.

We believed we could replicate the positive aspects of Purdue’s program at Point Park.

Textbooks were yes and no. We could not purchase every textbook request that came through ILL.

We did purchase certain selected textbooks within the following criteria: cost, continuing usability and desperation level of student.

There were fewer textbook requests than I would have thought.

46 Total Purchases
25 for undergraduates
9 for graduate
4 for faculty
8 for staff
Cost Analysis
We spent a total of $1855.30 on PDA in the Spring 2014 semester.
This led to 48 total circulations for an average of $38.65 per circ.
This includes three books I purchased for faculty members that were outliers in terms of cost (over 150.00) as they are strong library supporters.
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