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A summary of my experiences of #UOSM2033

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Lucy14 Hewson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of A summary of my experiences of #UOSM2033

A summary of my experiences of #UOSM2033
How I have developed thanks to #UOSM2033 :
What will I take forward from #UOSM2033

A quick recap...
At the beginning of this module, I did a quick self-analysis of my knowledge of the diverse aspects of Living and Working on the Web and responded to questions which asked how comfortable I was using the web for specific purposes.

Looking back at the results of this self-test now, I can see that the areas that I was particularly uncomfortable with and wanted to learn more about were:

Participating in online communities

Creating online materials

Managing my online identity

let's see how this course has helped me achieve these
goals and what exactly I have taken away from #UOSM2033...

Participating in online communities:

Thanks to the nature of the module, I have become much more adept at participating in online communities and expressing my thoughts, as I have been interacting with my course mates over Twitter.

Creating online materials

I have taken a much more active role in following companies I am interested in, such as PR and Marketing companies, in order to participate in online communities which are relevant to the type of job I want to have after graduating.

I have increased my followers and through commenting on my fellow course mates blogs on a weekly basis, I have become much less timid in my participation in online communities and am more ready to share my opinions.
Creating online materials was something I knew
little about prior to this module. I had
blogged and rarely tweeted!
This module has introduced me to the world of blogging and I am now familiar with WordPress and value it as a really useful tool for expressing thoughts and opinions - I have now written 11 posts and intend to keep my blog active.

Week by week, I have seen great progression in my use of online materials and I have progressed from writing simple text based blogs, to including images, embedding related videos and even creating 2 prezis.

Managing my online presence

One of my favorite aspects of the course and the part which I have found extremely useful was the topic on the issues regarding managing your online identity and developing a professional profile.

Through researching around this subject and interacting with my course mates and reading their blogs on the topic, I have decided that for me, regardless of whether one has single or multiple online identities, it is essential to keep in mind exactly why you are using the internet and who the content you generate is aimed at.

I have really taken on board the importance of creating a professional profile and have adapted my LinkedIn to make it as employer-friendly as possible and ensure it presents me in a good light.

This has paid dividends and I frequently receive
notifications such as:

#UOSM2033 has taught me so much which I was quite frankly lacking knowledge of such as:

> The open access debate which affects all students
> Social Media Ethics
> Multiple or single online identities

However, the topic that has really impacted on me has been developing a professional online profile. Learning about how to effectively use LinkedIn AND Twitter to successfully interact with employers has been VITAL.

Curating and maintaining a professional online profile is something which I genuinely think
students should have knowledge of.

All in all, this has been a very beneficial module for my employability!
A great video from LinkedIn showing the benefits of present on the network
Alongside really enjoying and benefiting from learning about developing a professional profile, I also found the topic on the ethics involved in businesses using Social Media to be absolutely fascinating!

I had some great debates with my course mates on this issue, particularly in relation to videos for the ALS challenge such as this one:

Module surprises
Videos from:

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark accepts the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. Available at: [Accessed:07/01/15]

LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Students: Your Career Starts Here. Available at: [Accessed 07/01/2015]

Images from:

Faull, J. Social media spend to surge by 128%, but less than a fifth of CMOs can confidently measure impact, Available at: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2014/09/09/social-media-spend-surge-128-less-fifth-cmos-can-confidently-measure-impact [Accessed: 07/01/2015]

http://www.nonstop-careers.com/cm/news/2014-recruitment-news/may2014/linkedin-most-popular-social-network [Accessed: 07/01/2015]

Screenshots from:

My Twitter account @Lucyhewson
My first prezi: http://prezi.com/gvwefbxr8ppf/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
A notification from my LinkedIn

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