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Canada: Leading Agricultural Body?

No description

Jessica Thompson

on 7 May 2016

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Transcript of Canada: Leading Agricultural Body?

First, A Little About Me...
Who am I?

What are my plans?

What do I wish to discuss with you?
Where We Learn it All...

In the end it all boils down to the fact that we need a healthy environment to produce our crops, so let’s work together to keep our environment in tip-top shape.
Where We Put All That Learning To Use...

As our population continues to grow, we lose more land to industrialization. This means that we must find new ways to produce more food with less land.
What Do People Know About it, Anyways?

We need both our farmers to know about all the methods and products available to them, and we need the public to understand what goes on behind the scenes of the production of their food.
How Do I Plan To Help?
Just let me tell you...
In Conclusion,
Once Again,
Thank you for your time and consideration of this application. Have a nice day.
Canada's Agricultural Industry
What Should Our Priorities Be?
By: Jessica Thompson
This is something that I am passionate about and I plan to always expand my knowldge.
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