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Joseph Machta

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Fran Arnold
Adam Julius
Flossy Lawrie
Annabelle Lee
Pepe Machta
Lizzy O'Donovan
- F1s RFH 2014-15

The FPAS Experience
The Application Process
Choosing a Foundation School (Deanery)
AFP Applications
Job ranking
It's easy!
UCAS for doctors
Don't drive yourself crazy about publications or posters, most people won’t have them!
Make sure you get it done with time to spare
The Application Process
Quality over quantity!
Assess and Progress
250 SJTs (The Red Book)
Get Ahead
Past papers
Workshops, seminars, Webinars
The Ward!
Get your application in on time
Choose your FS carefully - forget tactics
If you're doing AFP - really go for it
SJT: do whatever suits you, learn the process - not answers
Carefully consider jobs in terms of practicality, finances and education

In Summary
What's coming up
Ranking Jobs
Massive map, post it notes
Useful websites (beware of changes to Trusts within a FS!): http://foundationschools.info/
Choosing a Foundation School
Which jobs you'd enjoy doing and learning
Where your jobs will be - commutable? DGH vs. Teaching Hospital?
When you'd be doing certain jobs - one eye on MRCP?
How much a job will pay you? 1a/1b banding vs. unbanded is a huge difference!
Which job will make you the best Doctor you can be
Thank you very much and, of course...

Any questions?
Not "another shot at London" - they’ll see you coming!
Strong research interest and a proven track record of delivering results?
Publications, papers, posters, experience in teaching/academics
Application form is an eye-opener
Use the person specification set out by the FS to guide your application
If you've got it, flaunt it!
Learning Resources:
Things to consider:
How to do it:
Extremely tedious, long and mind numbing
"Cut and pasters" vs. Excel whizzkids
Don't worry!
90% of applicants get one of their top 5 deaneries
We all managed it!
Things to consider:
Geographical area vs. Specialty
All Programmes/Deaneries are considered equal!
No such thing as applying tactically
"One in, one out"
F2 abroad?
How to do it:
The Exam itself
Time management!
Use common sense
Don't panic!
In prep - learn methodology, not answers
Everybody's approach is different!
Don't worry - you'll be fine!
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