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Beth Young

on 26 November 2014

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What are some ways libraries could be organized?
How do I find a book in this library?
Finding books in the library
The Dewey Decimal system breaks down all knowledge into one of ten categories.
"How can I store and share all I've learned?
000: General Knowledge
The Emmaus library is organized by subject using the Dewey Decimal system so that books on similar topics are near each other.

This brief presentation will give you an overview of how books are organized using Dewey.
Knowing this will help you get the books you need more efficiently!
Man expands his contacts
Technology, computers, computer science, encyclopedias, news media, journalism, publishing
"Who am I?
100: Psychology & Philosophy
Man thinks about himself
Supernatural, paranormal, astrology, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry
"Who made me?"
200: Religions & Mythology
Man thinks about God
Theology, Christianity, Bibles, commentaries, other religions, mythology
"Who is that guy in the cave next door?"
300: Social Sciences
Man thinks about other people
Economics, political science, environment, ecology, government, law, military, crime, social issues, education, travel, cultures, holidays
"How can I talk to that guy next door?"
400: Languages & Grammar
Man thinks about communication
Word origins, sign language, alphabets, languages
"How can I understand the world around me?
500: Natural Science & Math
Man thinks about nature
Math, astronomy, physics, chemistry, earth science, biology, plants, animals
"How can I use what I've learned about my world?"
600: Applied & Useful Arts, Medicine & Technology
Man starts building and planting
Inventions, medical sciences, engineering, cookbooks, gardening, family living, parenting, child development, personal management, resume writing
"What can I leave for my children so that they know my heroic deeds?"
800: Literature
Man becomes a storyteller
American literature, British literature, world literatures, plays, poetry
"How can I leave a record for men of the future?"
900: Geography & History
Man thinks about the past and present: people, places, events
World history, geography, travel, explorers, atlases, travel guides, biographies, general histories, ancient civilizations
Each of these categories has ten divisions, which are broken down further as the subject becomes more specific.
For example, the 200 category (religion) is divided into tens:
200 Religion
210 Natural theology
220 Bible
230 Christian theology
240 Christian moral & devotional theology
250 Christian orders & local church
260 Christian social theology
270 Christian church history
280 Christian denominations & sects
290 Other & comparative religions

Each ten is then broken down into ones, for more specific subjects:
220 Bible
221 Old Testament
222 Historical books of the OT
223 Poetic books of the OT
224 Prophetic books of the OT
225 New Testament
226 Gospels & Acts
227 Epistles
228 Revelation (Apocalypse)
229 Apocrypha & pseudepigrapha
As the subject gets more specific, numbers are added after the decimal point:
226.1 Harmonies of the Gospels
226.2 Matthew
226.3 Mark
226.4 Luke
226.5 John
226.6 Acts
226.7 Miracles
226.8 Parables
226.9 Sermon on the Mount
The more numbers after the decimal point, the more specific the topic:
226.93 Beatitudes
226.96 Lord's Prayer
Books with the exact same number are then in alphabetical order by the author or editor's last name:
226.96 ALL The Lord's Prayer, by Allen
226.96 BRI Yours is the Kingdom, by Bright
226.96 CRO Thy Will Be Done, by Crosby
226.96 LUC The Great House of God, by Lucado

So, what does this mean for you?
When you find a book in the catalog, write down the Dewey number (or Call #) and the author's last name.

Follow the number range signs on the ends of the shelves.

Don't hesitate to ask library personnel for help!
So, books in the library are organized in a hierarchy within these ten classes
"How can I use my free time?"
700: Arts & Recreation
Man gets creative
Landscaping, architecture, ceramics, drawing, decorating, painting, graphic arts, photography, music, sports
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