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Box Dimensioning System

No description


on 11 June 2017

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Transcript of Box Dimensioning System

Box Dimensioning Based on Linux OS & Image Processing
Box Dimensioning
Main purpose of this project, dimensioning a cardbox tools like C++, Ubuntu, OpenCV and Kinect sensor. Kinect is used for acquiring depth-map. This project is based on three main steps.
Box Analysis
The depth map is acquired from sensor, is now ready for visualizing.
Detection of Box
After series of operation, box is detected from raw depth data.
After detection, a min area bounding rectangle is fitted to box image. This rectangle is very important for Hough transformation and other following steps.
Predicted Edges and Corners
Box dimension is calculated by corners. Therefore detection of edges and corners is very important.

m.ambarkutuk@gmail.com - murat@ambarkutuk.com
+90 0-555 402 70 40
Kocaeli Universitesi Mechatronic Engineering Department
Machine - Vision Laboratory
Box Dimensioning
White pixels represent the detected box. Box pixels are segmented from raw depth data.
After this operations, first step is now finished. -Voila!
After the detection of edges and corners, this points are transformed from the spatial-depth plane to world coordinate system.
Now we know where are the corners reference to world coordinate system. The rest is, only calculating the Euler distance of corners.
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