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Basics of Making a Song on Garage Band.

No description

Patrick McKenzie

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Basics of Making a Song on Garage Band.

Garage Band
Basics of Making a Song on Garage Band.
Hit Create. You should now be on a
blank Garage Band project similar to this:
Click the View/Hide Loop Browser button in the lower left (it looks like an eye). This will allow you choose instruments and certain loops to mix and match and create a song.
Click the play button to hear your drums. Now lets add some guitar. Click the reset button (double arrows pointing backwards) and then select the guitars tab. Again, you can narrow your search down to the exact type of guitar. Once you have a guitar selected, drag it out to the timeline underneath or above your drum’s line.
Use a combination of instruments playing with each other and/or solo by spacing them appropriately on the timeline.
Select a third instrument to add into the song timeline. Drag it and adjust it to fit your song.
At any time you can hit the play button (or space bar) to hear what your mix sounds like.
The average song lenght is about two minutes, so try to make it about that length. There should also be a chorus, bridge and a melody. The melody should come first, followed by a chorus, then melody, then chorus, then bridge, then chorus.
Finishing the Song
Name your song (or leave it and name it later) and leave the tempo, signature, and key settings on default, unless you would like to change those.
Naming Your Song
Add a fourth and/or even a fifth instrument.
Choosing a Drum Beat
More Instruments!!!!!!!!!
Uploading your Song to iTunes and Soundcloud
Adding a Guitar Track
Adding more Instruments
Creating a Song Document
Choosing an Instrument
Open GarageBand 09, then a window with different project types will appear. Select the Songwriting project under the New Project tab.
Select a drum set for your song. Click the All Drums button and scroll through the available kits. You can also specify your search and click the buttons highlighted to find a certain type of drums. To hear the drums just click on them. Once you find your drum set, drag it out to the center of the screen and it will automatically set itself on the timeline.
At The top of the screen on the toolbar, you will see an icon that says "Share". click on it and then click on "send song to itunes". Then you log on to soundcloud. Click on the icon that says to upload, Then choose files to upload, scroll down to music, and select your song. Then you give your song a name, add a tag, and click save.
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