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Black Box Software Testing

A short presentation of the Black Box Software Testing courses offered by the Association for Software Testing.

Geir Gulbrandsen

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Black Box Software Testing

Black Box
Software Testing

Bug Advocacy
Test Design
A short intro
Oslo Test Pub #8, 12.08.2013
Geir Gulbrandsen
Mission and purpose:
A little bit of history:
Special Interest Group(s)
Black Box Software Testing
Bug Advocacy
Test Design
Annual conference
For testers, by testers
The author is not an official spokesperson for the AST.
This is not an official AST presentation.
For up to date information, have a look at: http://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/
The mission of testing
The oracle problem
The measurement problem
The impossibility of complete testing
Taking an online course
Working together solving problems
Peer review and grading
Expect 12 - 14 hours per week of the course
The End
Four weeks
Individual quizzes and exercises
Mandatory and recommended reading
Group exercises
Exam: Essay form
Discussion forums
Video lectures
Study guide
All available at:
You must be an AST member to attend
Foundations course is USD 125
Advanced Courses (Bug Advocacy and Test Design) are USD 200
Definitions and terminology
Investigation and replication
The diplomacy of Bug Advocacy
Examining existing bug reports (OpenOffice)
Filing updated report
Peer review
Adding information, suggest improvement
Reproducing reported bugs
"AST is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to Context-Driven principles."
Incorporated April 14 2004
June 5, 2006 – 1st annual CAST
October 17, 2007 – First BBST class (Foundations)
May 25, 2008 – Added second BBST class (Bug Advocacy)
March 11, 2012 – Added third BBST class (Test Design)
"a professional non-profit association that is dedicated to advancing software testing and strives to build a testing community that views the role of testing as skilled, relevant, and essential to the production of faster, better, and less expensive software products."
Gain familiarity with a variety of test techniques (survey course)
Comparing objectives and strengths of different test techniques
Use the HTSM in planning and design
Concept mapping tools in test planning
Function testing
Tours and Exploration
Smoke testing
Equivalence class partitioning
Boundary testing
Multivariable testing
User interface testing
State transitions
Specification-based testing
Requirements-based testing
Compliance-driven testing
Configuration testing
Localization testing
User testing
Bug bashes
Paired testing
Load testing
Stress testing
Risk-based multivariable testing
Interoperability testing
Long sequence regression
Usability testing
All-pairs testing
Random testing
Long sequence testing
and so on...
Web based
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