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Croydon Park Business Chamber

No description

Croydon Park Business Chamber

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Croydon Park Business Chamber

Croydon Park Business Chamber is a not-for-profit service run by volunteers.

We develop projects, run events, and connect people to achieve local social, economic and environmental outcomes.
We support...
the local government areas of:
Membership is open to:
Businesses (shopfront; online; home-based)
Community groups
Service providers
Volunteers (all welcome)
We proudly collaborate with...
Croydon Park Youth Committee
through events & projects supporting local young people
Franze Event Management
through events supporting local businesses & broader community
We're working smarter not harder...
Why join in?
We live in an age of rapid social change and complex challenges for families, business & communities.

At times we feel powerless to change things. Many have lost trust in big government
and big business.

We provide a platform for local people to develop shared goals & shared measures
for shared outcomes.
How will I benefit?
For $2 - $13.50 a week you get:
monthly local news
NSW Business Chamber member benefits
+ more...

...and you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet people & make your community
even better...

Croydon Park Business Chamber

Our Vision:
Local people, businesses, services & groups collaborate to develop & sustain social, economic & environmental outcomes in our community

W: www.croydonparkbusiness.com.au
E: info@croydonparkbusiness.com.au

About us...
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