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Chief Exe - Your Benefits are Changing Communications Campaign

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Edwina O'Hart

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of Chief Exe - Your Benefits are Changing Communications Campaign

Supporting members
Community Relations

http://www.channel4.com/programmes/benefits-street/4od#3633547 (8:40)

Surveyed tenants and organisations

700 respondents - WT, TPAS, HAs and supporting orgs

70 Members
Lobby and influence
Support members

More emphasis on PR and Communications
In 2011/12 members spent £951m

80% retained in Wales

Indirect impact (supplier effect etc) estimated to be £850m
Total economic impact £1801m

7,500 employees
More than bricks and mortar

2. CHC's Money Advice Project
3. Your
Awareness Raising
Consistent messages
No one reinvents the wheel
Cost savings - economies of scale

Bus internal
Newspaper Adverts
The answer to financial exclusion?
Set up by housing associations in partnership with ELM

Bank accounts
Money advice
Financial capability

Number of Loans 14,600
Number of savings accounts 5,800
Loans by value £6.79m

Since November 2010
Between 2010 - 2012

Loaned out to new customers £5,006,313
Additional cost from doorstep lender £2,002,525
Paid into savings £2,174,908
Money Saving Experts
•The majority of Money Advice and Moneyline customers are tenants: approximately 66% social housing; 20% private sector
•Advisers have secured write-off of over £520k of Welsh Water arrears
•Over £65k Warm Home Discount has been identified
•Advisers have identified and secured more than £130k in trust funds and grants as alternatives for loans for Moneyline Cymru customers
•The money advisers have helped customers manage over £500k of debt
Money Advice Project
CHC's money advice project is at the preventative end of the money advice scale.

6 money advisers
1 money advice manager

Previously funded solely by the Big Lottery & based at Moneyline Cymru offices
Now attracting funding from members, The Oak Foundation and Welsh Water

Larger project which delivers more in respect of the challenges welfare reform, presents e.g. digital inclusion , financial capability especially around direct payments, assistance with welfare benefits, partnership work with Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit, plus expansion with Moneyline Cymru outlets and phoneline
The Future for Moneyline Cymru
2 new outlets - West and North Wales by July 2013

Call centre for rural access by June 2013
The Need
Members told us that welfare reform is the biggest challenge facing them for the foreseeable future

20 out of 21 members told us that face-to-face advice is the way to reach people

Tenants tell us they don't understand welfare reform. Homeowners phone asking if they will be impacted by the bedroom tax.
Things have changed
The Moneyline Cymru model has become streamlined and more phone based

Welfare Reform means less money but more to pay, e.g. the bedroom tax

CHC's money advice service is now seen as distinct from Moneyline Cymru, attracting funders and buy-in from members.
Social Media
70 organisations

One clear message

Website: 90,000 page views

'Bedroom tax' video - 5,500 views

Phase 1: Bedroom Tax & DLA
Wales wide media campaign
Links with Don't Get Bitten and WIMLU
3 A's - Awareness, Advice and Access to financial products
Universal credit.... In your opinion how should people cope with monthly payments?

• 43% budgeting advice
• 37% seek one to one advice and support
• 13% open a post office/bank account
• 7% open a credit union account
• 0% get online

Moving forward how should we let people know about the changes?

• 70% wider media campaign
• 13% community events/road shows
• 7% info pack
• 7% from peers
• 3% social media

What message would you respond to?

• 60 % of you would respond to
'Your benefits, your budget, your responsibility'
• Followed by pay your rent before it's spent
• Act now

Dealing with the changes.... if we could only provide one service as a sector what would it be?

• Debt/money advice 77%
• Help getting online 10 %
• Help completing forms 7 %
• Opening a bank account 3%
• Finding work 3%

Specialist knowledge & bespoke training courses

Budgeting, bank account and getting online YBAC material

Video - priority payments and consequences - eg your home, your supply, your stuff, your freedom!
Wales wide media campaign

Digital advertising

Website relaunch - 2 entry points

Bus tour - face to face

40 events around Wales last summer

Employment, skills and training week 'Give me credit/My benefits are changing'
Political Engagement

Elections - U25 Housing Benefit (Llamau)
UC arrives in Wales (Shotten)
Quashing myths - the reality
Local events - opportunity to engage
Current Partners - 70+ orgs

Communities 1st Clusters

Niace - Learning Festival planning groups

Trussell Trust


DWP - Job Centre Plus

Utility companies

Media Relations

Impact study (WAO)

Impact on staff (Mind/Gofal)

Pathfinders (6 month findings)

Over 7,000 advised

Where next?
Members support
Impact: £1 spent = £9.77 saved
Average gain of £921 per household
Over 3,800 advice sessions

4,000 sessions at events

Budget restructure and
budget plans to write off
£1.7m non priority debt

Identified £1.3m water
related debt

Identified £390k
unclaimed benefits

Almost 700 people
assisted to claim
Warm Home Discount

Those advised: random sample every month - important things:
Help completing forms
Home visits
Access to financial products
Facebook advice sessions
Facebook advertising - Shotten
Form filling - video on Universal Credit
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