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Chapter 24 Section 1 and 2: The Rise of Hitler in Germany

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Justin Grimes

on 27 January 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 24 Section 1 and 2: The Rise of Hitler in Germany

Do Now How does King Yertle remind you of what you have previously learned about Adolf Hitler? Chapter 24 Section 1 Continued Rise of Fascism in Germany Adolf Hitler:
Wounded while serving in WWI
Mad about War Guilt Clause 231 and Versailles Treaty 1919: Joins the Nazi Party
Beer Hall Putsch
November 8th-9, 1923
Rallies 2000 men (March on Munich)
No Plan!!!!
Arrested: Sentenced to 5 years in a low security work prison; only serves 9 months
Hitler’s Rise To Power!!!! 1933: Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany by Paul von Hindenburg
Hitler gains power by making promises of bringing Germany back to economic prosperity
August 2, 1934: Hitler names himself head of Germany
So, How did Hitler keep his power in Germany? Hitler's Personal Guard: Schutzstaffel

Known as the S.S.

Committed many crimes against humanity, killed people who were against Hitler

Responsible for rounding up the Jews for the Final Solution

Commanded by Heinrich Himmler
Follow-Up Questions:

Who do you think had a better plan to gain power, Hitler or Mussolini?

How will Hitler's totalitarian power help him when he is trying to make imperialistic gains?

Have we seen any recent leaders who would be considered to be shaped in Hitler's image?

What did those leaders do that made them as such? Closure: Pair/Share

Turn to a partner. Discuss the most interesting fact of the lesson


Honors: Current Event
Find an article detailing the actions of a modern day totalitarian ruler

Write a one page summary of the Article

College Prep:

Journal Entry: If you were living in Germany, would you support Hitler? Why or Why Not?

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