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Using Multi-Media Tools to Create Compelling Stories

No description

Sasha Crowley

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of Using Multi-Media Tools to Create Compelling Stories

How do I translate an idea into a story?

TEDxEast - Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of greatest communicators
Focus on connecting with your audience and engaging them in your content.
Tips for Storytelling
As a presenter, you are the mentor to your audience, the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker.
Imitate great presenters by using a story arc with five acts: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
Add variety, such as video, to create interest for audience.
Use metaphors and visual words to make ideas memorable.
Now I know the importance of storytelling and tips for success...
but how do I translate the ideas into an effective multimedia presentation?
that communicate
Take the time to read the directions for your assignment and ensure that you understand the guidelines for the presentation as well as how you will be graded.
Align content with directions & rubric.
Choose content strategically.
Think about the purpose and story of your presentation.
Organize your ideas ahead of time.
Create an outline or storyboard for your content so that your presentation is organized and your ideas flow.
Who is your audience?
What are the main takeaways or messages you want to leave your audience with?
How will you connect with your audience in the beginning and communicate the purpose of your presentation?
How will you develop your ideas? Will you provide data, anecdotes, images, etc.?
How will you leave your audience with resolution at the end of presentation?
What multimedia elements can make your story more dynamic (e.g., video, music, audio, animation, etc.)?
Questions to consider...
Web-based, presentation tool
Zooming canvas allows for a more innovative and dynamic approach ideas
Work individually or collaboratively on presentations
Use templates (with pre-loaded visuals and transitions) or create a presentation from scratch
Integrating multimedia elements (e.g., YouTube videos, audio, images from your computer or the web, etc.) is easy and does not require downloading
Can download presentation as PDF (note: multimedia

To set up a free Prezi account, click here and use your
Brandman email: https://prezi.com/signup/edu/enjoy/
Click here for easy-to-follow tutorials to guide you through the process of making a Prezi:
Click here for easy-to-follow tutorials to learn more about PowerPoint:
User-friendly presentation tool with built-in design features
Variety of options for colors, fonts, graphics, and backgrounds
Customize transitions and animations or add charts and tables to visually enhance presentation
Easy to integrate multimedia elements such as hyperlinks, video, audio, or voice over
Upload presentation to web via SlideShare
Print handouts of the slides

Click here to download PowerPoint for free:
Do you need to record a screencast or record yourself presenting?
How do I know which tool is right for my assignment?
Consider the content and your purpose, and then examine the strengths and limitations of the tools you have to choose from.
Is a linear, familiar approach to your ideas most effective in persuading your audience?
Do you need to incorporate many multimedia elements (such as video, audio, etc.) and are concerned with file size?
Looking for an engaging way to provide background, explain a topic, or share an anecdote that will hook your audience?
The CII (The Center for Instructional Innovation) offers live, virtual trainings on Prezi, Screencast-O-Matic, and PowToon.
These trainings are a great opportunity to learn more about these tools from experts and get your questions answered.
Click here to view the CII training schedule and sign up:
Looking for hands-on training?
Web-based, screencast and video recording tool
Record your screen to create short tutorials or present information
Record using webcam to create video lectures, procedural instructions, or assignment feedback
Allows up to 15 minutes per video with free account
Publish video to YouTube or save to computer as video file

To set up a free SOM account, click here:
Click here for easy-to-follow tutorials to help you create your SOM recording:
Web-based, animation presentation tool
Allows you to create animated videos that are engaging and capture your students' interest
Use templates (with built-in voice elements) or create video from scratch
Library of images, animations, and sound effects allow you to customize your videos and create lively presentations
Publish to YouTube or save to computer
To set up a free PowToon account, click here:
Click here for easy-to-follow tutorials to help you create your PowToon animated video:
Choose images that are appropriate for the subject matter.
Avoid outdated images and clip art.
Avoid using complementary color combinations for text & background colors (e.g., red/green or blue/orange).
Use light text on a dark background
Use color to call your audience’s attention to important ideas.
Slide Layout
Use consistent fonts throughout, or use the same fonts for titles and the same for body text.
Do not exceed three font types in one presentation.
Make sure the font you choose is appropriate for subject matter.
Make sure your font is easy for your audience to read; if presenting face to face, make sure font is visible when projected.
www. shutterfly.com
dark text on a light background.
This is
Be strategic about where you integrate video; it should enhance visual component and not distract from message.
Be consistent with image choices (including style and colors) so visuals are cohesive.
NOT this
Like this...
Share key ideas; avoid explaining ideas completely on slides.
Make sure to align objects and create balance with objects and text when designing each slide.
Stick to six words per line, six lines per slide.











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