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NDCTE Last Lecture

No description

Kelsey Johnson

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of NDCTE Last Lecture

Podcasting: Using "The Last Lecture" for Authentic Audiences
Short Description
Students use podcasting software and apps to record a 2-4 minute speech. Teacher uses Garage Band software on MacBook to “mash up” their recordings to play to younger students.
Common Core Standards
Technology Needed
iPad or iPhone to record podcasts
computer with mic would work
Garage Band or similar software to edit and "mash up" podcasts into one
iTunes to share and upload podcasts
Computer with speakers to play podcast for class
YouTube/Internet access
Software Needed
Free app from Apple Store
DLd to my iPhone and school issued iPad
I think you can record using a computer with mic by going on the AudioBoo.fm website, too
Garage Band
Lesson and Assignment
Students watch Randy Pausch's "The Last Lecture" via YouTube; I do a short book talk on his book by same title
Students jot down "life lessons" as we watch to formulate into their own Last Lecture
Students spend time writing and drafting their Last Lecture to be used as their reading copy when recording their AudioBoo/podcast
I conference one-one-one if needed
Students record AudioBoo/podcast
I upload them to iTunes and then into Garage Band to "mash up"
Spend next day in class listening and discussing; I share final "mash up" with 8th graders and we discuss as well
Presented by Kelsey Johnson
LaMoure High School
This is what I use...there are a ton of other options. I'm kinda Apple biased...
Other ways this could be adjusted for different assignments?
Let's listen to last semester's "Mash Up"
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