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Empowering Students through Service-Learning

No description

Betsy Peterson

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Empowering Students through Service-Learning

Students envision a future based on what they see, and we can help them see more possibilities.
Service-learning takes students out of the classroom to explore more of their world.
"I am a good person."
Service experiences help internalize the belief that, “I am a good person.”
Responsible Citizenship
We have discussions about citizens’ and leaders’ roles in community and civil society.
Diverse Experiences for All Kids!
Service-learning empowers
all youth
as caring citizens. In the classroom and community, students are exposed to diverse people, places, and learning and serving experiences that broaden their perspective and purpose.
Youth as Assets to Community
Service-learning includes:
positive experiences in the community,
learning about issues and resources,
identifying needs, and
taking action.
The community sees youth as assets, not liabilities.
How does Service-Learning empower students?
Lessons focus on connecting academic learning to current issues, critical thinking, taking care of nature, and sharing our time and talents in the community.
Side-by-side collaboration with people of different ages and backgrounds.
Who is my neighbor?
Awareness of people working in careers they love, making a difference in the nonprofit sector.
Career Awareness
We want to teach others what we care about.
Compassion and Inspiration
A recent Harvard study found that kids care more about achievement and personal happiness than helping others.

That’s the message we inadvertently send them!

Philanthropy education and service-learning teach students about giving time and talent for the common good as a core value of civil society and a recipe for lifelong fulfillment.
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