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Exchange student Session 4

No description

melissa sequeiros

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Exchange student Session 4

How can you describe your family?
Let's describe ourselves
Exchange student
Session 4
What words were connected to my son's personality and what expression that I used to talk about his interest?

What words can we use to describe someone´s personality?
working Time
Match the words with the sentences.
This is my family . That's my son. His name is Yasser . He is very bossy and he is brilliant at playing the Peruvian cajon, which is a musical instrument.
In the photo , he is smiling at the camera with us. He usually plays with his cars.
I'm good at dancing timba or salsa.
I'm fed up of teaching lazy students.
I'm fed up with this class
I will be able to talk about my personality and activities and introduce my relatives describing their personalities and activities using the vocabulary and expressions
You can take notes
but you shouldn't
read on your
oral presentation
You will be grade with the oral rubric
Let's reflect
Write and Answer these 3 questions:
What do you do today?
What have you learned today?
How this can help you on your final product?
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