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SwaRaksha Launch Presentation

No description

Nayan Goenka

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of SwaRaksha Launch Presentation

How To's
And we are ready
SwaRaksha is an Android Application developed by Energy Labs for Road Safety and Highway Traffic Emergency Response System under the guidance of Highway Traffic Police Maharashtra. SwaRaksha is one of a kind and a unique initiative taken in the direction of active technological development in the constant and dynamic subject of Emergency Response and Rescue.
Help Shall be given to those... who ask for it..!
An Initiative by Highway Traffic Police and Energy Labs
About the App
SwaRaksha is an Emergency Response application made for Android platform smartphones. It is a free of cost application available on Google Play Store after today's launch event. SwaRaksha, when trigerred after tapping the "Tap for emergency" button on the center of the screen, sends a distress signal to highway traffic control room and your pre-stored emergency contact. The distress signal contains your name and GPS data (accurate upto 3 feet) along with the location/address fetched from Google Maps / Cell tower location, whichever is available faster. and more accurate depending on the location of the caller..
This application is developed free of cost by Energy Labs, an IT firm based in Bangalore under the guidance of Highway Police Maharashtra.
This app is being developed with one motto:
"Help Shall be given who ask for it."
This application is one step ahead in technology and a major support to those who become a victim of an accident.
We grieve at the loss of the 13 million people whom we lost for the petty reason of a Highway Accident. and we aim to save each and every soul henceforth
Team Energy Labs is very socially responsible firm and we think that it is our duty to contribute something to the society with our limited skills and make this world a better place to live in. After continuously following the road safety campaign for almost 2 years, we came up with this idea and then converted it into a product. Then we approached Kamble sir for his views and here we are, at the launch event of the product.
Distress Signal
The application has a "Tap for Emergency" button in the center which acts as the star trigger for the app. On tapping this button, the application sends 2 SMS at normal cost containing your name, accurate GPS data in terms of Latitudes and Longitudes and address as fetched from Google Maps or Network provider, anyone depending on accuracy and availability. One out of the two SMS is sent to Emergency Contact number pre-stored in the application and one to Highway Traffic Police Control Room in Mumbai.
The application has an in-built calling feature to SOS helplines namely the Police Control Room, Ambulance Response, Fire Brigade Response, Highway Traffic Control Room and Emergency Contact. This ensures that in time of panic SwaRaksha has all features to make sure that you have a one-tap destination to all the required help.
Traffic Aid Posts Information
SwaRaksha has an in-house feature to access all necessary information about all the 63 Traffic Aid Posts (TAPs) of the Highway Police Maharashtra. The TAPs are segregated in manner of their location as per the 8 divisions in Maharashtra State. The information for each TAP includes, details of its location, contact numbers, nearest Police Station, Nearest Hospital, Nearest Ambulance, Crane services etc.
First Aid Information
The application also has a general awareness of First Aid information about Do's and Dont's in an accident situation, First Aid utility kits must have available things etc. This is for general awareness and can be used to soothe the condition and effects of accident by the time help arrives at the spot.
How to Use?
After downloading SwaRaksha from the Google Play Store, we recommend you to create a shortcut icon on the home screen to facilitate handy use.
After installing the application, we need you to do a one time feed of some basic data which includes Storing your name, emergency contact details - name, phone number, address, and blood group.
In an accident situation, if you are a victim, just press the center "Tap for Emergency" button from the accident spot on the Highway.
If you are not a victim, and you witnessed an accident, please take a moment to stop at the accident location, Tap the emergency button and you can move ahead, so that we can get an exact accident location in your distress message.
We humbly urge you not to test fake calls on the system since it actually works and we do not want to waste unnecessary state costs for the same. We can save a lot of valuable, time, manpower and efforts by taking the working of the system seriously.
How the App works?
When the emergency button is triggered, the GPS in the phone is activated and calculates the exact GPS coordinates accurate upto 3 feet in the application. The accuracy of application is directly proportional to the quality of GPS instrument in the phone as well as the visibility of clear sky.
After the GPS data is calculated, the best possible address is fetched either from Google Maps (internet) or cell tower location (non-internet).
This data is compiled in an SMS, Sometimes multi SMS if the address is too long and sent to the two respective numbers. One being the emergency contact, other being Highway Police Control Room. We have added a double confirmation on the trigger to avoid fake calls and mis-taps on the screen.
The complete process of creating the SMS and sending it does not take more than 10-12 seconds. The SMS is delivered depending on the receivers' network signal. Highway Traffic Control Room SMS is received instantly.
How the System Works?
After receiving the distress signal, the Highway Traffic Control Room officers, triangulates the accident location based on the latitude and longitude received in the SMS and the backend GPS grid available. He then establishes communication with the caller and collects the status of the situation. He instantly notifies the nearest Traffic Aid Post about the same and dispatches them to the accident location.
Please note that it may take an approximately 30-40 minutes for the TAP team to reach the spot due to the distance which needs to be covered on the highway being generally 50-60 kms. Uptil then, looking at the gravity of situation, the nearest other basic amenities will be tried to be notified and urged to reach the accident location.
SOS Calling
to go
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