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Bullet Journal

No description

Syrena Maranell

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal
Index Page
- Holds page titles and numbers
-Best suited for front of journal
-Allows you to use every page of your notebook without the need to save room
Monthly Task List
Daily Log
- The voyage of your life, not just the tasks of the day
- Check off tasks, but remember the moments too

Future Log
- Keeps appointments, events, etc. in a holding pattern until their month arrives
- List an item & leave it until it moves to your Monthly Log. Then check it off the Future Log.
Monthly Log
- Monthly calendar at a glance
- Use a list of dates or draw boxes, but keep it to 1 page spread
- If you need a monthly task list, it's born here.
- Use what comes easiest
Don't create collections just to fill pages - let them happen naturally

Books I Want to Read
My Bucket List
Gratitude List
Places to Visit
Savings Tracker
Spending Tracker

- Do what feels comfortable
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