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Samuel de Champlain

No description

Will S

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain
Who is Samuel de Champlain ?
Samuel is known as the "Father of New France"
Who did Samuel travel with?
Samuel traveled with his uncle and his father when he was in his youth, and as he got older he traveled with small groups of people in the Native American tribes called , the Huron's
and the Montagnais.
What did
Samuel discover?
Samuel discovered Lake Champlain, which is mostly in the northern part of modern day New York.
He also accomplished his goal to discover a water path through Canada to make it easier for fur traders to get to Quebec.
What country did Samuel explore for?
Samuel explored for the French.
The reasons why Smauel traveled was because
he wanted to make Quebec the fur trading hub, and to do that he had to find a water path through Canada.
When did he travel?
Where did Samuel travel?
Samuel traveled to most of northern America, Canada,
France, lots of lakes, Spain, and the Sagunay river.
The tools Samuel used were astrolabe, compass, cross staffs, and telescopes.
In 1599- 1602 Samuel traveled to Vera Cruz Mexico.
When Samuel was finished with his travels to Vera Cruz he traveled to America in 1603.
The Way how Samuel mostly traveled was by boat.
Samuel died from a heart attack and was the governor of Quebec at that time.

He died on December 25, 1635, on Christmas.
How did Samuel die?
Why did Samuel explore?
What tools did Samuel use?
Samuel created many maps, mapped most of the northeastern part of America, and mapped the Great Lakes.
He was also the governor of Quebec.

What did Samuel do?
How did Samuel travel?
Samuel de Champlain was a good leader, very curios, a little mean, and had good health.
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