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Christina Duong's

No description

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Christina Duong's

Socials 8 - World Culture
Socials 8
TITLE : Muslim Leaders Condemn ISIS Slaughter of Ethiopian Christians

AUTHOR : Stoya Zaimor

DATE OF ARTICLE: April 22, 2015 7:43 am

PEOPLE MENTIONED: 28 Christians, Islamic State militant

WEBSITE : http://www.christianpost.com/news/top-islamic-university-muslim-leaders-condemn-isis-slaughter-of-ethiopian-christians-say-it-goes-against-any-religion-137976/
Current Event Summary
Ethiopians were traveling and an Islamic State militant captured and beheaded them.
Christina Duong's
Road to Success
The Start
Ruth's Challenge
- married an Israelite husband
- father in law and husband passed away
- mother wanted to go back to her home
- was asked to go back to her own family
- followed her mother
- devoted / cared for her mother
- changed her religion
- live in a different place
- work hard

How I Can Relate
- wanted to be with God
- chose to follow God
- got baptized last year
- let God lead my way
- devoted to God
- changed to be closer to God

Trust :

Thankfulness :


Reading about our salvation history this year has
helped me improve my trust in God. When the Israelites were enslaved, God saved them and had a plan for their future. I realized that even though we have problems in our life, we need to trust in God. He won't forget us and we just have to listen carefully for his call.
I also realized that I need to be more appreciative.
God has given me the most wonderful gift which is life. He saved us from our sins and I shouldn't take this life for granted. There are other lives that are worst than mine. Some people might not even have freedom. I always ask for God's help but I need to remember to thank him more often.
Sometimes others do things that can hurt us. We could be so angry with them and not even except their apology. We tend to just ignore them and never talk to them again until we are over the problem. Everybody sins everyday, either a small sin or large. God always forgives us and he will not stop loving us no matter how bad the sin is. I now know that I should forgive others more because God forgives me. If God can forgive us why can't we forgive others.
This year I volunteered at Renfrew's community
sports club. There was one girl that was shy and didn't participate like I did. One time, I decided to be her partner and talked to her. She was funny and kind once you get to know her. I told her to try to have fun. To be the person she is and not be afraid. I realized that I needed confidence too and that if she could stand tall then I can too.
English 8
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