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MSc Food Identity 2019-2021

For the development of traditional, local food and products of origin (labelled E Mundus 2011-2015)

Food Identity

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of MSc Food Identity 2019-2021

European Joint programme Master of Science
Food Identity
USAMV Cluj-Napoca
Products in Mountain zone
Ethnology, sociology of traditional food products
Strategy of development for local and traditional food producers
Visits of producers and concrete cases
UCSC Piacenza, Italy
Sensory analysis and
Science of tasting
Case studies & Visits to producers
Agri-food economics & policy
4 Higher Education Institutions in 3 countries (France, Italy, Romania)
Supported by the European Commision
from 2011 to 2015 (E Mundus)
For the development of
local and traditional
agri-food products
ESA - Angers
- Concepts of traditional, local food products and Geographical Indications
- Visits to producers
- Practical works on processing
and quality control
- Group and personal projects.
For the development of traditional and local food products
The curriculum
The consortium
Pr. Frank Vriesekoop

Food scientist and microbiologist
Still looking for the secret of the success of Marmite to the English people ?
Know how to

Develop and sell it in the global market
(markets, business, consumers behaviour,
international culture )
Know about
European and WTO policies, regulations
and international laws
Relationship between different
operators in food business


Concepts of such products (tradition, terroir, etc)
Social and human organisations

Learn how to

Transform, Characterise, Authenticate and
Control food products with high specificity
(technologic basis )

Since 2009, 9th cohort

141 graduated 25 current students
55 nationalities represented so far
Year 1
Professional practices in Greece
Year 1
Year 1
Year 1
Year 2
Clermont-Ferrand, VetAgro Sup
Real case study sponsored by a company or institution
Groups of students act as junior consultants in
market analysis, revision of products specifications,
territorial project development, etc.
Year 2
September, 4 consecutive weeks
Programme Erasmus
European Commission
26 years old, since 1987
about 3 millions EU students exchanges
Programme Erasmus Mundus
9 years old, since 2004, Programme with label of Excellence from EC
138 E Mundus Joint MSc programme (over 20,000 MSc)
42 E Mundus Joint Doctorate
Scholarships for students from all over the world to study in EU
- to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures
- to promote the quality of Higher Education in EU through mobility and institution
Agribusiness management
Agri-food marketing
EU & WTO policies & regulations
visits to producers & industries
& to food identification lab
of GI products
Food differentiation & labelling strategies
Management of food companies
Relationship between production system & products' quality
Safety, hygiene & environmental management
in 2013
September - December
January - March
Year 1
How and when?
More information :
Online application:
For next intake (Sept 2018), open now
1 February 2018 (1st recrut. session)
1 June 2018 (last session)
Tuition Fees
* in limit of capacity (30 students)
Non-EU: 8,800 €/year
EU: 4,800 €/year
Joint MSc french degree (DNM)
Italian master, Romanian Postgraduate Certificate
formerly funded by Erasmus Mundus from 2011 to 2015
Support to visa procedure and accomodation included

A MSc program dedicated to the development of traditional agri-food products
4 semesters in several EU countries - 120 ECTS
including 6 months internship for master thesis...
...all over the world!

Focus on:
1- Traditional production
2- Food Science & Agribusiness
3- European & international context

mid to end of June
October - December
+ 5 associated partners (research center & Univ.) in USA, Iraq, Greece and France
then 6 months Master thesis in jan-July 2019
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