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Blum Summer Field Internship 2015

Presentation shared with members of the San Ysidro community, in the context of Sin Limites, held on October 21.

Blum Initiative

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Blum Summer Field Internship 2015

El sitio...
Blanche X Cypress

Public Health Research
Emphasize the unique history of San Ysidro
Embracing the place as a spur to advocacy and community power
Creating a demonstration space for drought-tolerant local flora

2015 Blum Summer Field Internship @ San Ysidro
Conditional Use Permit
CUP = Permission from the City to use a space for a time in a different way
Does not change zoning permanently, allows for temporary use for other purposes

Tramite de Uso Condicional
TUC = Tramite para Uso Condicional de la Ciudad para utilizar el espacio por un rato cambiando el uso de suelo
No cambia el uso de suelo oficial de manera permanent, solo permite un uso temporario para otros propósitos

Conditional Use Permits
1. Contact with SD Planning Department
2. Submission
3. Information Meeting
4. Environmental Review
5. Final decision

1. Contacto con el Departamiento de planeación
2. Presentación de materiales
3. Reunión de informes
4. Revisión ambiental
5. Decisión final
Arts and Culture Programming
Examples/ Ejemplos
Native Plants
Green space cleans the air, limits urban heat effect, and makes people happier, on average
Presents a pedagogical tool for understanding native flora and drought resistant landscaping

Plantas Nativas
Espacio verde limpia el aire, limite el efecto calor urbano, y, de media, hace que la gente mas feliz
Presente un herramiento pedagogico para entender flora nativa y paisajismo resistente a la sequia
Water Run-off Conditions
Low cost green infrastructure
Requirements for the CUP
Location and Opportunities
Ubicación y Oportunidades
Special Challenges and Opportunities of San Ysidro
Place (space + meaning)
Access to nutritious foods
Blanche y Cypress lot is zoned residential
The Proposal
Estación B del taller:
Sistema Local de Movilidad en Bicicleta
Vacant lot is the future site of a major project, Las Abuelitas Housing Project
Proposing to use the space productively in the meantime to address community needs
Food, Body & Diabetes
Type 1-body does not produce insulin
Type 2-body does not recognize insulin

Food naturally contains sugar, but food companies add unnecessary amounts of sugar to everything. Our body processes glucose, not fructose.

FA->creates disruptions in insulin sensitivity (biochemistry) and too much FA will create insulin resistent cells

Sugar+Fat+Poor Diet~Diabetes
Sugar+Salt~Poor Kidney's/Kidney Stones/High Blood Pressure

It's all about diet. Exercise plays a role too!

Your body needs everything in proportions.

Fiber-helps feed good microbiota in gut.
Microbiota reduces inflamation of gut caused by less healthy foods.
Food distribution and cultural programming require different permits from the City of SD Planning Department
Why do we need fruits and vegetables?
Food from our home.
Investigate possibilities for an urban food distribution hub
Negotiate with local grower
Low monthly fee for access
Culturally specific foods at a low cost in a central area
Own Your Health
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Food Waste
Activating a vacant lot as
tool for community enrichment
Public Health Research
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