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Healthy Vending Options

No description

Kelli Huinker

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Vending Options


How to improve the nutritional value in your vending machines...

Step 1 - Gather Your Supplies
- NEMS-V Directions
- NEMS-V Food & Beverage Coding Summary
- NEMS-V Food & Beverage References

- Vending Machine Cover Page
- Vending Machine Graphic Page
- Food & Beverage Recording Sheet

All the documents can be downloaded at www.nems-v.com

Step 2 - Conduct Assessment at Vending Machine Location
1. Fill out the Food & Beverage Recording Sheet

a. Record the Item (i.e. Snickers Bar)
b. Check the appropriate Color Code (i.e. Red)
c. If you do not know the correct code, mark a ? in the
comment box

2. Continue to mark all items in the vending machine on the
recording sheet.

REMINDER: Each vending machine slot should be recorded as a separate item!
Step 3 - Color Code Unknown Items
To determine the Color Code for unknown food items use:

1. NEMS Healthy Choices Calculator
[ http://www.nems-v.com/NEMS-VHealthyChoicesCalc.html ]

2. Search the Color Coded Food References Sheet
[ http://www.nems-v.com/NEMS-VTools.html ]
Healthy Vending Options



Gold Award - 50% of Items
Silver Award

- 40% of Items
Bronze Award

- 30% of Items
No Award - < 30% of Items
Healthy Choices Calculator
1. Choose the food / beverage category

2. Enter Label Information:
- Servings/container
- Calories/serving
- Calories from fat
- Saturated fat
- Trans fat
- Sodium
- Sugar

3. Click "Check Your Item" for the color code
Mark the Correct Color Code on Recording Sheet
Improve Your Vending Machine Options by substituting "healthier" options:
* Baked Chips
* Flavored Waters
* Diet Sodas
* 100% Fruit Juices
* 100 Calorie Packs
* Graham Crackers, Granola Bars

! Check their Nutritional Value
on the Calculator !
Working with your Vendor...
Most vendors have a list of "healthier" products they can substitute into your vending machines.

You just need to ask!! (They can even print out reports showing what sells and what doesn't)

For Assistance contact:

Health Promotion Team @
Cerro Gordo County Health Department

Phone: 641-421-9312
Email: wellness@cghealth.com
Training will start momentarily.
Be sure to turn up volume!
Click the AutoPlay button and
select 20 sec to begin presentation.
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