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Risk Taking


Melanie Rapp

on 29 November 2018

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Transcript of Risk Taking

Oh, yes! I know, I know. All this time I have been hammering into you exposure and composition. But now, my friend, it is time for you to jump into risk-taking!
Where do I start?
The possibilities are endless.
I can't even list all of the ways you can begin to take risks.
But here are some ideas and places to start...
Explore a new subject
We tend to go with the familiar. What would challenge you? What scares you? What would be a complete departure from what you do now?
Change the way you shoot
New angles! New cameras! New lenses!
Film! Time of day! Place! Subject matter!
Try new techniques
Explore a challenging concept!
Question something!
Challenge your beliefs!
Tried it all?
Then let it go...
Grab a camera and go on o walk or a drive. Sometimes the best images come from accidents or unexpected inspiration.
Remember when Scott McCormick said that one photographer would tape a mirror to his lens? And that he would take pictures in reflections? And the photographer that developed film near the old Kodak plant in the polluted river? These are just a few. What about pin-hole cameras? Cyanotypes? Solar prints? Building a camera? Covering your subject in a substance? Long exposure? Infrared film? Instax? Photo transfers?
Out of focus? Different angle? Mixed media (painting on a photo!)? Fisheye lens? Holga?
No way, Jose!
Steve McCurry
Annie Leibovitz
Henri Cartier Bresson
Willem Jonkers - fisheye lens
Cyanotype on tile
Multiple Exposure - Cyanotype
Pinhole camera
Pinhole camera
Pinhole camera
Instant photography
Instant photography
Multiple Exposure - Instant Photography
Photo transfer
Photo transfer on wood
Holga/Slow Exposure
Holga - Multiple Exposure
Holga - Multiple Exposure
Photo Transfer & Mixed Media
Photo Transfer and Mixed Media
Sewing/Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Painting on photo/mixed media
Photomontage - printed photographs/collage
Infrared film - Holga Camera (120)
Infrared Film

Color Infrared Film
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