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Peter Basell - VELG Conference

RTO Management - Keeping it simple

Peter Basell

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Peter Basell - VELG Conference

RTO Management
Keeping it simple, when its complex
Peter Basell
Steps for keeping up with change
Change the one constant
Be comfortable with the inevitability of change
Be in sync with change
Staying in sync with change
is about 3 things
(Readers are leaders)
Quality/Compliance Management
Categorise the information
Information source authority
Information networks
Set a weekly limit for information digestion
One task at a time
The 4 'R's of CI
Review - Check the data
Reveal - Identify the problem
Repair - Fix the problem
Record the solution
Audit Readiness
Sharing the Pressure
Leaving it up to everyone, not someone
Collaborative compliance
Sharing the standards
Staff development and succession
Stakeholder Focused
The Pursuit of Happiness
Is everybody happy?
AQTF Quality Indicator Surveys?
Stakeholder participation
Continuous Improvement Data is larger than Quality Indicators
What else should be surveyed?
Lift Up Your Eyes
Keep Your Eyes on Where
Your Going
The upward look?
The power of focus
Can we continue where we are?
Should we go online delivery?
Can we achieve new markets?
Do some forward strategic planning!
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