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Welcome to Year 8 Drama.

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Transcript of Welcome to Year 8 Drama.

Course Outline.
This semester you will learn abut the following:

Term 1:
Week 1: Intro to Drama - Rules, Ice-Breakers and Group Work.
Week 2: Script Work - assigning groups and scripts and intro to stagecraft.
Week 3: Devising and Script Rehearsals
Week 4: Blocking and Script Rehearsals.
Week 5: Body Language, Gesture and Script Rehearsals.
Week 6: The Voice and Script Rehearsals.
Week 7: Dress Rehearsals
Week 8: Performance CAT (half of class)
Week 9: Performance CAT (rest of class)
Week 10: Theatre Sports and Post-Test.

If you choose
To break a

Rules for Drama Part 1.
1) Demonstrate control of your physicalisation so no one gets hurt.
What do I mean when I say physicalisation?

2) Raise your hand and wait to be called on by the teacher. Why?

3) Always attempt everything your teacher asks, don’t be shy or afraid to try. Why should you do this?

4) Maintain concentration to stay on task. Why is this important?

5) Audience etiquette: watch, listen, learn, and show
! Why is this important?

6) No bullying or put downs! I will not tolerate anyone bullying in this class or being mean or negative to another student.
Instant detention from me

Welcome to Year 8 Drama.
My name is Mr. Parsons-Yarrow.

We will also be using SeeSaw for online blogging after class, homework tasks and sending me your work.
1st Warning:
Is a warning to stop talking, or doing the wrong thing. You may be asked to move seat.

2nd Warning: Theory work given to you (NO PRAC)

3rd Warning:
Recess or Lunchtime Detention and Phone Call home.

If poor behaviour continues, intervention will be implemented!

My HIGH expectations of you all!

Arrive to class on time! If poor time keeping persists, you will make this time up out of YOUR own time!

Bring all equipment and be in the correct uniform. No exceptions at all!

Please line up outside quietly.

When all the class is quiet, you will be invited to enter our drama space.

No mobile phones! I do not have mine out, and you do not need yours either. If in doubt, give it to me to keep until the end of the lesson or leave in your locker!

The lesson will start with a recap, followed by our 'Word of The Week'. This will be embedded into a glossary which you will be tested on at the end of term!

The last *10 minutes of the lesson will end with you writing a Drama Blog in your journals wherein you will reflect on the lesson! Try and be open and write as much about the lesson as you can. This MUST be submitted in the last week of Term via Compass 'Drama Blog'.

*If we run out of time, this will be HW.

If I need your attention during prac, this is what I will do.
When I do this:

Stand still and wait for
another instruction quietly.
So.....What DO YOU think Drama is…..?

Turn to a chum/pal/mate/friend and discuss for 2 mins?


Ok... open the document titled 'Word of The Week' and write the following!

Drama is -

- a situation or sequence of events that is highly emotional or tragic. In the theatre, drama is a setting for dramatic or important events. It is also a work to be performed by actors on stage, in film or television.

Working with others,
Collaborating and being an effective team player.

Working with others to solve a problem, find solutions, make decisions both individually or in a pair or group.

To work together, to go along with the solution, decision or final plan to help present a strong piece of theatre.

Ok...enough writing and rules...let's play!!!!

p.s. I look forward to a fun and productive term of Drama with you all!:)

Mr Y.

Ice Breakers
Organise Yourselves
What are you doing?
I will give you a number 1-5. Please stand with people with the same number.

In your groups I want you to draft, rehearse and perform a short scene with a clearly defined start, middle and ending.

(Every film, piece of theatre or TV show has a climax, your work should include this - something exciting or terrible that is going to happen

Your HW task is to write a short blog about your experience in Drama class and submit this to me on Compass.
Tech Set Up.
Step 1
- On your computer, create a new folder for 'Drama'.
Step 2
- Open 'Word' on your computer > File > New Document > Type 'Drama is...(add your own adjective)
' and then save the document to your folder marked Drama.
Step 3
- Open the document in the folder and then click 'Save As' and then save the file.

Laptop Rules
1) No Games at all!
2) No inappropriate comments typed and shown to a friend!
3) Laptops
be charged for each class.
4) Students will be given one warning. Failure to comply will result in a consequence issued.
5) Laptops will be confiscated if anyone uses it to take photos, look at inappropriate content, or it is used in an improper manner. You will be given a theory task to do, on your own, and not be able to participate in prac.
6) If I am speaking to the class, please put the screens of your laptop down so I know I have your full attention.
Welcome to Year 8 Drama!

Learning Intentions:
To understand the basics of Drama through discussion and practical exploration.

Success Criteria:
I can -
confidently relay the rules for class including class procedures.
I can discuss what Drama is and the skills neccessary to succeed in class.

Pre-Test for prior knowledge.
Class discussions relating to procedure in class.
Ice Breakers
Create a Scene
Required every class

Working and charged laptop (this is required in every lesson!
Pens and Pencils
Scripts (if you print your own)
Creativity and Imagination!!
Ability to work in a group EFFECTIVELY!!


Why are rules important??
Word of The Week
Step 1
- Open a new Word Doc.

Step 2
- Write 'Word of The Week' at the top of the document.

Step 3
- Save the document to your new 'Drama' file.
Drama Pre-Test!!
Drama is ALSO about
Session 2
Session 1
If time permits!
Learning Intentions - To understand the importance of working as a team and collaborating, via practical exploration.

Success Criteria - I can:

Work confidently in a mixed group.
Relay my own ideas enthusiastically.
Perform in front of my peers.
Refelct on my own learning.

Activities -

Recap on Session 1.
Warm Up - Character Bus (10 volunteers)
Group Work - Create, Rehearse and Perform a scene.
Reflect via blogging (HW task)

1) Character Bus!!
Main Task Part 1
Main Task Part 2
Please assign
person as a Director. They will lead the group.

Please choose from one of the following B Grade titles and genres as an inspiration for your work.:

Thriller - 'Scared of Time'.
Horror - 'It Lurks Beneath'.
Comedy - 'Party Animals'
Romance - 'Love is in the Air'

10 volunteers please
Images to Inspire.
Each group will now perform in turn.

Audience Etiquette is important. Quiet, Watch, Listen, Learn, Respect.
See you next session :)
Please answer all questions on the Pre-Test that I am handing out:)
2) Human Knot (B vs G)
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