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The Agile Tipping Point

How to start an Agile epidemic in your company!

Ron Eringa

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of The Agile Tipping Point

How to start an Agile epidemic in your company! The Agile Tipping point The law of the few The stickiness factor con·nec·tor [kuh-nek-tor] Connectors know and keep in touch with many people
It is not their position that counts
It's their true respect & rapport with people
They connect us with the world around us
They use weak ties instead of close relations ma·ven [mey-vuhn] Mavens are information specialists
They want to educate, not to sell
They publish & share their findings sales·man [seylz-muhn] The Power of Context Salesmen are charismatic
They are socially contagious
They build instant rapport
They gain trust Human behavior is sensitive to
and strongly influenced by its environment "Epidemics are sensitive to the conditions and circumstances of the times and places in which they occur." M. Gladwell Bystander effect Broken windows Theory Stickiness: (marketing, interface design) is having unique selling points in a product (advertising) is having factors that draw and keep your attention Examples How to make Agile stick Make them feel the pain Tell them succes stories Tell them failure stories Visualize Humor Priming Authenticity Keep stable teams Scrum team size
6 +/- 3 Motivation Transactive memory
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