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Going P.O.S.T.A.L. on CPs

No description

Chris Baron

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Going P.O.S.T.A.L. on CPs

Going P.o.s.t.a.l.
Go P.O.S.T.A.L.
Solvency Deficit
Add on Advantage
Link to Net Benefit

Going Postal: Answering Counterplans
Aligned with CDL Benchmark 28:
Offense, defense, and impact calculus against negative off-case arguments
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The affirmative can run Disads! (or turns)
Make sure it doesn't link to your affirmative
Don't forget the 3 parts: link/uniqueness/impact
Short and sweet

Solvency Deficit
Use specific 1AC cards
Attack Neg CP Solvency evidence
Look closely at CP wording
Status of CP
Weird CPs:
Fiat abuse
Add on Advantage
The perfect time to bring out a new advantage
Make it one the CP can't solve
Short and sweet
Link (to Net Benefit)
Advanced Affirmative Strategy
Always run a permutation!
Don't force the judge to choose
Combine plan and counterplan texts
Write out the text
Weigh the benefits of multiple perms
Be ready to debate:

Look to theory blocks for arguments, but write your own
Set up just enough that you could win
Don't read blocks too fast
Violation, standards, voter
Be prepared to give a 5 minute 2AR on theory
Status of CP
Net benefits
CP text
Solvency ev

Status of the CP
The conditionality debate

To the net benefit, the counterplan does link.
Dear Debater:

When you hit that counterplan, remember to:

Use Cross Examination
Generate Strategic Options in 2AC
Use 2AC frontlines
Use your Aff. Case
Deal with Net Benefits

Your Friend,
The Chicago Debate League

I'm going to let you finish, but first lemme tell you about this other aff advantage...
I don't always run theory, but when I do, affirmative teams in rooms nearby win.
States CP example
The Dispositionality debate
Use Cross Examination Effectively
Severance Good
Severance Bad
Vote for best policy option
Promote critical thinking
Real world
Reject argument, not team

Makes Aff moving target
Aff becomes conditional
Hurts negative strategy
Intrinsicness Good
Intrinsicness Bad
Best check on abusive CPs
Promotes debate about Aff case
Increases Neg Ground
Moving Target
Fiat abuse
Moots 1AC and 1NC
The Haircut Debate
1AC: Get a Haircut
1NC CP: Get Hair Styled
2AC: Perm: Do Both
Perm: Cut a little and style
Perm: Cut, style, and wear extensions
1AC: $ for Aquaculture
1NC: States CP
2AC: DA to CP:
A. CA budget freeze
B. More $=> Ed. cuts
C. Ed cuts=> Poverty
Net Benefit: short hair => freeze
Types of Theory Arguments
Advice on CP Theory
Sample 1NC Offcase Roadmap
States CP
Federalism DA
Spending DA
Deep Ecology Kritik
Species Loss Turns
Look at Roger Solt's Thoroughbred Theory Blocks on the CDL Website
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