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Uttley's Brain

No description

Eugene Uttley

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of Uttley's Brain

My Sz Brain:
An exploration
As you
can see,
the Sz brain is a cube
made of cubes
all wrinkly
and hand-sized.
Here, we see
the speech
center of the Sz brain,
which is responsible
to some extent for the
confounded voices
in my head.
It is kind of fun
to talk about voices, I'll admit.
I mean - they
are interesting.
Over here are the parts
of the brain responsible
for processing input.
Mine often misfire, and
alert me to incoming
speech, when really
it's just thoughts
formed of words
coming from myself.
Down here are the
make-a-lot-of-money, exercise-a-good-deal, and eat&sleep-well parts of the brain.
Mine are atrophied.
Behind those is
the want-cigs&coffee part of the brain, which in me has
expanded greatly.
the do-well-at-Scrabble-&-other-games part of my brain is quite healthy.
And I actually
read somewhere that psychosis
can make you a better writer!
Right here at the top
of the brain cube is
the sense of self,
and mine is fine
so long as I am med-
icated, but w/out meds. I tend to think
I am the most
guy alive.
Thinking of oneself
as being of utmost
importance is v.
and can make it
quite hard to
function in day-to-
day ways like hold-
ing a job or buying
Here we see the will-
power center of the
cube-brain. I have
about as much will-
power as has an
inanimate object.
This is called
Having low will-
power makes it
hard to keep up
with simple chores, not to mention deadlines!
What I lack in will-
power, I make up
for in compassion.
I can really empathize with the
struggles of others!
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