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Jackets for Jasper-BSC Conference 2013

No description

Elizabeth Leboe

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of Jackets for Jasper-BSC Conference 2013

Jackets for Jasper:
"It Takes a Village"

$100/month average wage
6-18 hours of electricity per day, max
10% of adults leave to work overseas
75% illiteracy among girls; 25% among boys
What we've learned
People want to contribute
Accept help when offered!
Strive for your goal with
passion and integrity
Backed by a community of supporters,
even a few people can make a difference
Jackets for Jasper:
"It Takes a Village"
In two winter seasons...
700 jackets purchased
3 custom ski team orders
Resmi's entire education covered
3 years of Jasper's education covered
It Takes a Village:
Lenard Reid and Elizabeth Leboe
Some Statistics about Nepal:
Local Media
Local Residents
Local Expertise and Talent
Local Business
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