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Christopher Reagan 2016 Presidential Candidate

No description

Christopher Reagan

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Reagan 2016 Presidential Candidate

Campaign Strategy
Ad #1
Wrap Up
Christopher Reagan promises to protect our rights, our borders, and promote economic growth. He will fulfill these promises.
Christopher Reagan 2016 Presidential Candidate
Reagan's Bio
Name: Christopher B. Reagan

Born: July 4, 1964

Graduated From: Florida State University majoring in Economics

Residence: Tallahassee, FL


- Owner of Bi-Partisan politically active firm; Liberty Partners of Tallahassee.

- Former Senator of Florida

Dad: Neil Reagan Mom: Bess Hoffman
Uncle: Ronald Reagan Wife: Sarah Reagan

Political Leanings: Moderate Republican

1. Gun Control- Protecting our citizens as well as
our 2nd amendment right; the right that protects all others.
- Mental Health Evaluation
- Criminal Background

2. National Security- Protecting our borders to
protect our citizens.
- Increase Border Security
- Streamline visa and naturalization process

3. Jobs- Promoting economic growth from the
local level up.
- Increased SBA Lending
- Tax cuts for small business

Battleground States
-Colorado - Ohio
-Minnesota - Pennsylvania
-Iowa - Virginia
-Wisconsin - North Carolina

My fellow Americans, my name is Christopher Reagan and I want to make America the best it can be. As we all know, the topic of gun control is a controversial one. As president, I fully intend to protect our second amendment rights. I propose mental health evaluations upon the purchase of a firearm, as well as the current background checks, to prevent any more fatal shootings. Americans deserve to be safe, as well as to have their rights. National security, another very important topic, is what our nation desperately needs. Our national security not only needs to be increased, but it also needs to be enforced. Our country’s borders need to have increased security in order to prevent illegal immigrants from coming into our country. Many people immigrate illegally because the legal process to become a citizen is way too complicated. I propose that we create a less tedious system of immigration by streamlining the visa and naturalization processes. This will create a much more efficient and less chaotic system. Local businesses are what keep our economy strong. We need to increase the number of jobs in local businesses. I propose we do this by increasing SBA lending, therefore allowing small businesses the ability to create more jobs. Also we must offer these local businesses tax cuts in order to keep them strong. If you are tired of the way America is being run, and you want to see America run right, then vote for me, Christopher Reagan. Thank you and God bless America.
Ad #2
Projected Electoral Count: 338
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