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Daniel Rowman

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Stump Speech
We as Americans understand a freedom unlike any other place in the world. We have the ability to practice whatever religion we chose, we are fortunate enough to have freedom of speech, and have the privilege of having the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just for being born into the country. We are strong people. However, despite all of the hard work and sweat our forefathers put into the creation of our beautiful country, our nation is currently in a state of great peril. Just last year, 40 million Americans found themselves without health insurance. 60% of which are our children. Speaking as the parent of three beautiful children, I cannot imagine what it must be like to watch them get sick and to not be able to help them in any way. Every American has the right to affordable healthcare, and regardless of the valiant ideas and attempts made with Obamacare, it is just not working. Therefore, when I am President, I will make sure to get our kids insured. Every child will have health insurance, and those that are not able to afford the steep prices demanded on their family will receive sufficient amounts of financial aid that can not only go towards their children, but will apply to any family member. No parent should watch their child suffer. Furthermore, our country is currently ranked 36th in education. Therefore, I am a huge supporter of making sure our children receive a quality education. There is no sense in leaving the future generations of our country unprepared, and therefore, unlike Senator Macabee, I believe in giving more money to the schools, and providing teachers with special training so that we can keep up with the rest the rest of the world. Another major issue in our country is transportation. Therefore I propose to increase the number of interstate highways and to increase the use and number of buses and bullet trains. This will greatly increase the number of jobs available to our people through the construction required for these projects. Together, we can build a greater country. Thank you.
Electoral College Strategy
Strongly Democratic;
California - 55 pts
Washington- 12 pts
New Mexico- 5 pts
Minnesota- 10 pts
Illinois- 20 pts
New York- 29 pts
New Jersey- 14 pts
Delaware- 3 pts
Maryland- 10 pts
DC- 3 pts
Connecticut- 7 pts
Rhode Island- 4 pts
Massachusetts- 11 pts
Vermont- 3 pts
Maine- 4 pts
= 190 pts
Background Information
US Senator of Florida (2-terms)
Resides in Miami, Florida
Forty seven years old
Married with three kids
Graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's Degree in political science
Moderate liberal democrat
Campaign Advertisement
Wrap Up
Daniel Rowman For President
Battleground States:
Michigan- 16 pts
Ohio- 18 pts
Pennsylvania- 20 pts
Wisconsin- 10 pts
Virginia- 13 pts
Florida- 29 pts
Missouri- 10 pts
North Carolina- 15 pts
= 131 pts

16 Votes

No Republican has held MI since 1988 - Democrats need to keep moderate voters on the left
Transportation industry, especially in Detroit, would benefit from reform
Big blue-collar urban areas would benefit hugely from healthcare reform
Losing 16 votes on a blue state would be hard
18 Votes

Since 1960, winner of Ohio, winner of president - very influential/important state
Very diverse state, lots of swing voters - beneficial policies for moderates
Blue collar workers need schooling to be good for their kids and need healthcare reform to be good for them
10 Votes

In recent presidential years, 13/13 went to Democrats, non-president years only 5/13 - different voters on different ballots
Widest battleground state in last 2 elections (6.8 points) - favorable healthcare policy if state becomes closer
But Republican candidate may realize that more visits can get them 10 more votes - Romney in last 2 elections almost gave up on WI
13 Votes

No democrat has won VA (other then Obama) since LBJ
Higher national average minority rate (traditionally vote more left)
Government workers in Virginia (Democrats from previous administration) that find our transportation reforms appealing
29 Votes
Very divided population
Born and raised here - his values pertain to FL more then just the average democrat
Moderate liberal views appeal to most of the population - Florida is heavily populated with elders as they come to retire which allows us to promote our medicare reforms, as well as younger minority voters
Expanding development of transportation - more means to connect to the more rural areas from the main cities such as Miami.
20 Votes

In last 20 years, trending Republican - need to reverse trend
Weaker Democratic support in rural areas - so target big cities, more people, stronger showing
Transportation policy (Philadelphia)
10 Votes
Before Obama no Democrat has ever won presidency without Missouri - very crucial to a democratic candidate
Tend to have a higher expectations with education than other states - win with education
Increase teaching standards for teachers by giving them more resources to apply in the classroom and increase our youth's interest in school - directly targeting MO
North Carolina:
15 Votes
Lots of swing voters, especially minority voters (Democrats usually get a push from the minority vote)
Large STEM-based area around Raleigh, usually lean left because of medicare needs and scientific benefits
Different kinds of people in NC, different individualized approaches to healthcare
Daniel Rowman's Platform Breakdown:

1) Healthcare
Medicare to include -18
Low income families to receive financial aid

2) Education
Block grants to schools
Higher standards for teachers, with an emphasis on elementary school teachers (special training)
More financial aid to college students

3) Transportation
Increase in the number of buses/trains (like amtrack and bullet trains)
More interstate highways to increase travel efficiency
Will decrease unemployment due to the construction opportunities avaliable through the building of train tracks and highways

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