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The Northwest Project: Basics

No description

B Dierks

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of The Northwest Project: Basics

Update: CFO Staff
Meaningfully impacting individuals and families in poverty
Reduction of generational poverty
Sustainable financial circumstances
Zone 1 participants
Funded by the CFO, the Stanley and Elaine Ball Foundation, and the Musgrave Foundation
What does Success Look Like?
Bonus Round
The project self evaluates on a quarterly basis. Please note the abbreviated evaluation (handout).

Data on participants is consistently collected.

Annual evaluation will be lengthy - late April
Self Evaluation
The project focuses on these ten family resources:
The Ten Pivotal Assets
Housing Partnerships
Northwest Project Basics
Quality childcare
Affordable housing
Parenting and financial literacy skills
Resolution of criminal background issues
Job training
Use of the Earned Income Tax Credit
Monthly budget management
Affordable healthcare
A Walk Through the Project
Step 1: Application process
Step 2: 16 week intensive programming, goal achievement (little goals)
Step 2A: Intensive case management work
Step 3: 2x monthly meetings, continued case management
Step 4: goal achievement (big goals)
Step 5: participant as a volunteer or leader
Income Goals + Sustainability goals + mental and emotional resiliency = that special sauce!
The number of partnerships continues to grow.

Here are some stories about those new and developing partnerships in two areas.
Financial Literacy
Bridget Dierks
Community Foundation of the Ozarks
(417) 864-6199
Questions and Answers
Ask away!
Tom Carlson Partnerships
Deeper Habitat Involvement
City of Springfield involvement
Professional Organizers @ MSU

Todd Parnell partnership
CUCCU program
Assets for Independence
Great Southern
Central Bank & Trust
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