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What is LocalitEEE


Robert Alexander

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of What is LocalitEEE

Community Reports
Move the elements
Create a unique layout
Embeds a Social Currency
to help Tackle Poverty.
Ring Fenced to where you live
Your Trusted Community Profile monitors your Giving and Sharing
We divert Items to local Waste Prevention Companies to Recycle, Upcycle and Reuse.
List them for Free in the Community Shop and accumulate currency, cash and increase your Community Metrics
Includes a full suite of Sharing Economy Apps
Like Uber, AirBnb, Parking, Office Space..etc
At no cost to Community Members
Because I engaged with a local business, I'm the Volunteer of the month in my local community this month
We automatically give 25% of our shop sales revenue in Social Currency, to your chosen community.
We give 75% Cash when Currency is purchased at 10p,to your chosen community
Its a Social Network
Social Currency.
Friend Up and transfer it to others or use in the shop.
The Community Votes democratically
to Distribute The Currency
Pet Share - Tools Share
Book Share - Room Share
Lift Share - DVD/Games Share
Chef n Share - Clothes Share
Free Business Directory working directly with each Local Community
Business Community EEECoin Bank
Business Shop with Free Listings
Community CSR in your Directory listing
EEECoin Exchange Deals for Volunteers
Gain New Business & Leads
Easily promote what you do to help others
Used to Rate EEESafe Appliance Technicians
Community Repairers Course Available
Monitors a safer Electrical Reuse Standard.
Lowering Repair Costs through Local Component Harvesting
Purchase Them
Earn Them
Donate Them
Sponsor Them
Ring Fenced to your Community
Volunteering Tasks
Exchangable for Goods & Svcs
Use Online in Community Shop
Tackling Poverty by working together
"Smart Alerts" for Goods, Services and Food you need,that would be normally thrown away and create more Carbon.
We capture Metrics from Waste Prevention using our 5 in 1 Tool
Volunteering with Rewards
Matching Needs in the community
Building Community Spirit
Evidences Volunteer Activity
Become work ready where you live
Smart Community Working
Community Meet Ups
Event Booking & Ticket Sales
Businesses can also engage & build Cash
LocalitEEE CV & Skills Mapping
Optional Jobs Board
CV Links with Recruitment Agencies
Evidence your Community Work
..and there is so much more.
Contact Us info@localiteee.com
An Award
Winning Global
Social Outcomes Achieved
Volunteer Outcomes
Waste Tonnage Saved
CO2 Reduced
Cash Earned for Community
Jobs Created Locally
Measuring Impacts
National Appliance Safety Register
Protection from Product Recalls & No Sales Calls
Enabling lower repair costs & intercepting fire risks.
Unique 5 in 1 Tool Captures Evidence
Sales from our site record carbon & reuse tonnage reports.
Community Metrics updated Daily.
Then we automatically gift Currency for use where you live.
All 8770 + UK Electoral Wards are Communities with us. Each having exclusive Sustainable Living Tools, many of which add Community Funds Ring Fenced to each Community
EEESafe Circular Economy Solutions
CommunitEEE Voice App
Start your discussions
Collect Views and Votes
Create your Local Projects
Invite local Councillors
Run by the Community
True Digital Democracy
Promoted by Fire Service, Local Authority & Housing
Our Volunteer APP Integrates with
CV Service and Jobs Pages
Helping you back in to employment.
And it's all FREE to Use or Lease your own Copy
Preventing Food Waste with local Shops and People
Evidences your Tonnage Prevented
Its like having a Local Food Bank, helping each other
Businesses can use to Reward Volunteering in our APP
Retailers can evidence your CSR to your customers
Use our Social Currency donations to help others
Sell local Produce to local people online - Free Listing
Unique Click and Replace Appliance to help reduce
repair Costs, Donate or Sell for reuse or Spares
Cash and Currency builds when you use our Auction/Sales for your new or Used Products and Services when linked to your Directory Entry
Anyone, including businesses can purchase
EEECoins at 10 Pence. Use them, Stamp them and be thanked by those who are using them.
Then you can track who your
Charitable Donations help.
Promote our Funds under your name or business.
Your Community decides who receives them.
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