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From Paper to Pinterest: Math Practices

Hands-on/BYOD session designed to provide participants with fresh ideas for assessing learning through performance tasks. These tasks vary from “crafty” to “techie” in order to meet the varied needs of learners.

Kerry Cook

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of From Paper to Pinterest: Math Practices

Think Like an Assessor
Video: "I Choose C"

What's the difference between a performance task and a project?

Let's Practice with Pinterest!
From Paper to Pinterest:
Using multiple modes of assessment

My Goal: Every participant will take at least one idea with them to implement in their classes.
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Number Tiles - Task #43
Using the digits 1 - 9 and only once, make two three-digit numbers that sum together to make a third three-digit number
...To Pinterest

Pinterest Board

A digital version of...
annotated bibliography

"I know how to find it!" is replacing "I have it memorized."

Increase the DOK of tasks you give your students - just the facts isn't enough!
The Claims of the Assessment Consortia...
Claims for PARCC Assessments

1) Students solve problems involving the major content for their grade level with connections to practices

2) Students solve problems involving the additional and supporting content for their grade level with connections to practices

3) Students express mathematical reasoning by constructing mathematical arguments and critiques

4) Students solves real world problems engaging particularly in the modeling practice

5) Students demonstrate fluency in areas set forth in the Standards for Content in Grades 3-6
Videos: "Rigor in the Classroom"
Kerry Cook
Instructional Coach, SAU-18, Franklin, NH
kcook@sau18.org @kcookmath

Who is in the room?
In one or two words, tell us what your role is in your school.
What is one thing you will use in your classes that you learned today?
From Paper....
Lapbooks - foldables, e.g. Frayer Model, Graphic Organizers
Rubric for the Pinboard project
Where do you fit in this continuum?

I'm new to Pinterest - help me get started!
I have an account and want to learn something new!
Skills Checklist
Create an account, take the tour
Make new pin-boards
Add pins
Edit pins
Make "place pins"
Change cover picture on your boards
Search Pinterest
Add the Pin it button to a browser
Follow people's boards
Share a board with other people
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