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Drama as a Genre : Codes and Conventions

No description

Hattie Upton-Dance

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Drama as a Genre : Codes and Conventions

Drama as a Film Genre Drama: Main Points Films that are catorgorized under the genre drama have several main points that can be recognized in all of them.

- They are serious representations of real life and/or stories and do not include fantasy in the plot.

- Hence the name "drama" they show emotions and events at their true height, and perhaps dramatize them. They show emotions at their best and worst.
Sub genres:
- Social Dramas
-Mental Illness
-Youth Rebellion
-Race Relations
-Civil Rights
-Courtroom Drama
-War Drama
-Sports Drama
- Religious Drama
-Literature Drama The Plot - Realism
- Heightened emotions
- A protagonist that's easy to relate to
- Some form of journey
- Plot's with a twist or a complex plot
- Emotional peaks and and troth Protagonist - Going through some kind of emotional journey
- Particularity unstable/vulnerable
- Having to face a hard decision
- Easy to sympathize/empathize with
- Has a lot in common with the target audience/ easy to relate to. Other typical traits of Drama
- Challenging the ignorance of stereotypes
- Connecting on a complex and personal level
- Having therapeutic qualities by showing how the protagonist has overcome difficulties. Classic Drama films - Fight Club
- American Beauty
- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
- Trainspotting By Hattie Upton-Dance
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