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Unit #3: Product Photography

No description

Mrs. Trinh

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of Unit #3: Product Photography

Journal Entry of the Day
Advertisement Analysis Activity
Welcome Back!
1) Winter Break Photo Show & Tell

2) "Sell It!" Photography activity
Product photography-
Subjects and objects are photographed for the purpose of advertisement or in other words, to sell a product.

Photos are taken with intentional design for a specific purpose, and for a specific audience.
1) Get in groups of 2-3

2) Sign out one chromebook per group

3) Pick a product company, go to their website and make the following observations. Write them down and prepare to present to the class.
Pick one product photo and do an analysis on it. (Lighting, composition, angles, color, background, mood...etc.) Tell us why you think company took the shot this way?
What age group of audience are they trying to appeal to?
How would you describe the overall theme and style of the company and all their website photos?
Is their product photography effective? Do you like it personally?

taken from www.contigo.com
Photo of the Day
What is product photography?

List as MANY different places you might find product photography.
Things to Consider in Product Photography
Purpose and vision-
What do envision your product photos to look like and evoke in the viewer?
Artificial or natural?
Do you need to set up other objects or tape up a plain background?

When you have the goal of selling a particular product to consumers, it is ESSENTIAL to design your visual representation (photos, videos) with an intent of appealing to a particular audience. If you want people to be drawn to your product (and eventually buy it), you need to market/advertise it in a way that attracts them.

Ex: If you want to raise money for the Stollery by putting on a bake sale at Parkview, you won't be baking 8 grain, walnut, oatmeal, flax seed, goat cheese cookies.
Why a target audience? Why not try to appeal to everyone?

It is not possible. The preferences of people vary in too many different ways. You can't please everybody!
When you try to please TOO many types of audiences, your design weakens. The theme and style becomes lost and confusing for the buyer.
Why is it important to come up with a target audience before you begin taking photos of a product?
Journal Entry of the Day
1) Sign out a chromebook and begin working on movie poster right away. Upload final poster on one of members' blogs

2) Done? You can play a quiet game on the chromebook. No audio.


Be inspired!
Look at product photography online. Choose a photo that really stands out to you.

Create blogpost: "Product Photography Inspiration"
Copy and paste photo into blog and write a paragraph about WHY you chose this photo, and WHY you believe it to be one to be acknowledged.

You can begin by searching brands that you like, or just googling "product photography" or "product photography with meaning"...etc.
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